Friday, November 11, 2011

Close, but no cigar

I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to how words are pronounced.  Say them wrong and I will mock you...generally to your face.  Full disclosure here people.  Oddly enough, I also find it hilarious.  For example, Annie said "blah blah and this blah blah are really compare-able."  To which I replied, "are they compare-able or are they comp-rable?"  Annie acted surprised, adamantly denying that she knew this was incorrect, and claiming that this is how she had always said it.  I simply told her she was row-ng.  Mom wheeze laughed at the whole debacle and the world was made right again.

Zac is the king of using the wrong word in any given situation.  He is much like my grandma Toots, ie saying that she likes pepperminto cheese.  Close but no cigar.  These situations are also hilarious to me.  Zac had a few winners the other day.  First as he was talking with me about his job....or more to the point, how good he is at his job.  He was telling me all about what it takes.  Apparently my friends, to be as good as Zacman, it takes "stanima."  I immediately laughed, he looked puzzled, then repeated, "Stanima. Stanima, stamina, wait..which is it."  I couldn't stop cry laughing long enough to correct him.  Once you've seen Zac in his towel, with one Q-tip in his ear with a puzzled look on his face repeating stanima over and over you simply can't maintain.

I kept thinking about Zac and his stanima the next day and brought it up again in the car.  At that point he said, "You are always so hard core about people's pronunce-tication."  He said more that than, but my laughing was too loud to make out the rest of it. Pronuncetication.  Classic!  This is so the kind of thing Zac does that really cracks me up!  He is hilarious.  I was especialy amused at work when I found a note in the book for a slow snowy day that explained the low number of patient visits. It was from Connie and noted that the "wind-shield factor" was at -5 degrees, I simply laughed.  It turns out we all eventually become like grandma seems I just have a better memory for recalling these ridiculous things people around me have said.  I can't, for the life of me, thing of anything stupid I've said. Ever. 

P.S...I cracked myself up with that last line.  


  1. I am queen of saying ridiculous crap in our house.....this is why Jerrod was alarmed when I told him I was going to be on T.V. I informed him to have no is all just a "process" and I have the stanima to make it work. (besides...I can't care)

  2. I can just imagine your Mom wheeze laughing!!

  3. Keep up this good stuff and your mom will have to up her ante to compete!

    Like you, "I can't, for the life of me, thing of anything stupid I've said. Ever." (Is it thing or think?)

  4. haha this killed me. yup I kept trying to say distribute but kept saying it with the accent on the wrong part and could NOT get it right. I said it like distribution....does that make cents? bahahah sense.


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