Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harry Potter and Pizza Hut

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that I frequently write about my husband, the Zacman.  He is my best friend.  He is hilarious, or at least I think so.  Zac is a little bit sneaky funny.  He's also sneaky dirty (like surprise pile of dirty clothes hidden in his closet sneaky dirty).  If you aren't paying attention, you don't catch his comments.  He can keep up with me and my wit and he gets me.  My last post was about the inadvertent funny things he says.  I am always cry laughing trying to get myself together.  Last night was no different.  He invited me on a stay-at-home date night.  We had made plans to watch the last of the Harry Potter series and eat pizza.  We are awesome....so is Harry Potter.  It is in no way dorky, by far and away better than Twilight.  Harry Potter is all about courage and facing your fears, fighting the good fight, whereas Twilight is all about the importance of having a boyfriend.  I digress...

We set down all Pizza Hut'd up, and Zac told me all about the crazy old lady that was in front of him at Pizza Hut.  Apparently she came in with an attitude, with the opening comment "Is my pizza gonna be cold already?", demanded to see her pizza before she left, then said it didn't look right and complained until she got her $10 pizza half off.  I threw out the "watcha looking at ya old bitch!" quote from Bridezillas and then we got to watchin the movie.  As the previews ran I told Zac, "Do you know what's happening now, cause I really don't remember the way the last movie ended?"  He said, "Awww man, shit went dowwwntowwwn! (pause for 3 seconds)  I don't remember."  Hahaha!  That got me!

After the movie, Zac cleaned up the plates as I finished furiously painting for our Ethel Edith holiday show.  I made a comment about how long it had taken to get the pizza.  I jokingly said "I just wasn't sure if you were gonna come home with a pizza that was cold already."  He said, "I had to wait for it to finish cooking so I knew it was hot."  I replied, "I know, I was kidding. I was bein the bitchy old lady." To which Zac muttered, "Soon enough."  
I snorted.  Like I said, sneaky funny.  And probably correct :)  

Now, for those of you that may have missed it, the "old bitch" comment from Bridezillas for your viewing pleasure.

Maggie took to saying this for a few months and it got me everytime!

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  1. you are stupid and make me laugh. so is the Zackster. However, I am washing out your mouth with soap and Maggie's too.


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