Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Facts, Volume 2

I decided that I should share with you lovely blog readers a little bit more about Zac and I.  I told you a little bit in this post here....  but we both have little habits, and they are not pleasant.   I have issues with closing drawers and doors.  It's true.  Case in point, my bedside table.  
It's messy.  I know.  Don't judge. I drive Zac crazy with this, only because he has no spacial awareness of his head, and will run it into a half open cabinet door.

My dresser.  Yup.  That's all me.  Can't blame Zac. 

Now, lest you think Zac is normal, he can't stand when bars of soap get too used.  
Exhibits A, B, and C.  No, your eyes don't deceive you.  That is 3 bars of the same soap in 3 different stages of use.  

Now don't you feel like you know our idiosyncrasies a little better?   You can read about a few more of them here.  And to look at us, you'd never know :)


  1. You ARE a brave soul, my friend! And I breathe easier just coming to "visit" you here. Live large--laugh much--and take advantage of soap sales whenever you see them.

  2. haha no awareness of his head. Sounds like he may have some Uncle Doug in him. The man doesn't realize his head exists above his eyebrows. And Zac...what a soap Nazi.


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