Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Facts, Volume 3

I love to multitask!
Actually, I'm just a little ADD.  I start a project, then jump to another for 10 minutes, then back and forth and forth and back.  I do get stuff done, don't get me wrong.  I like to call it multitasking.  Zac thinks I just can't sit still.  Hard to say who is right.  Well, actually, Zac is never right. :)

This is a picture snapshot of what my last Wednesday off looked like.  First, I changed the sheets and started the laundry.

While the laundry was rolling, I prepped dinner and then washed up all the dishes.

Since dinner was prepped, I started trying to get stuff done for our Ethel Edith show.  First, I painted..

Since paint takes some time to dry I would stop mid-painting and sew...

Since sewing takes forever, I'd take breaks, paint more, then sew while it dried, and switch the laundry around.  Then I got a little inspired by my christmas glitter and silver and decided it was time to paint one of my side tables.  Outside he went....

Coat him once, come inside, paint more, sew a row more.

I am a whirling dervish.  This is me everytime I have a day off.  I swear, I just have a never ending list of stuff to get done.  Here's to hoping I stop trying to do it all in one day, all at once! 


  1. you are my pride and joy. how did i miss this post. zac is NEVER right. amen, haha.

  2. Multitasking is a talent! You go, girl! (Those paitings are terrific, by the way)


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