Saturday, November 10, 2012

A country home

Well folks, Zac and I are moving, again.
We're movin to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.
I hope you all now have the song stuck in your heads...

Since we've been married, that will be 4 moves. 
4 moves in 3 years....
This time with a new business and baby to fret about during the process.  

I won't complain a bit though, because I am THRILLED!
Dad bought the farm directly adjacent to the "north end" of his cattle farm.  The north end is where Annie and Maggie have both built houses, and where Zac and I want to build.  
The man that lived in the house passed away.   His last name was Kraus, this is the Kraus House.  The Krouse :)  His kids have since cleaned out the whole house and had a big ol' auction.  These are pictures before they had a chance to get into it.  

The house is adorable and has so much potential.  The yard is huge, there are a bunch of barns and outbuildings.  Plus, it has a full basement too. It is just really gonna be so fab!

This is what we are starting with..

This is the back porch, looking out to the carport.  I'm standing at the doorway into the kitchen.

If I turn to the right, there is this little room.  I'm thinking a sewing room for me :)

If I walk into the kitchen and turn around, you see the back porch from the pictures through the door on the right.  On the left is my GIANT laundry room.

Do you see that!?  That's a fantastic double sink in my laundry.  If we cloth diaper, this will be amazing.

Also, notice that deep freeze.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about it.

I forgot to mention, within my laundry room...a second bathroom. 
We are gonna rip out that bad shower and spruce it up.  
What you can't see, is that outside of the bathroom to the left is a whole wall full of closets.  Awesome.

Directly across from the laundry room door is the kitchen. Let me just say, I am so excited about all those cabinets.  I've never had cabinet space.  Now I have more closets and cabinets than I'll ever be able to fill!

This is the other side. As you can see, it's a U shaped kitchen.
We are thinking we will remove the doors and knock off the back, and have open shelves here because...

On the other side is my giant dining room.

This is the whole kitchen.
We are going to take off that slightly lower wrap around counter and paint the cabinets.  
Honestly, we will paint everything.  
The floor in kitchen, laundry, and dining room is not great.  We don't want to tear it out because it may contain some we think tile right over it.  

To the left (behind a wall of course) is the living room.

It is also big.
Zac already has lots of plans for it.

This is the wall shared with the dining room.  You can see the front door in the corner of the picture.
North Wall

West wall

This is more the east wall, but you can see where the door to the back yard is. 

This is obviously our hallway.  Both doors on the right are to closets.  
Closets everywhere!

On the other side of the left wall is a little bedroom.
Behind the door on the left at the end of the hall is the second bedroom.

Zac and I have already ripped the carpet out of the hallway and the living room.
The bedrooms and the hall are all hardwood.  
We are gonna sand it and refinish it.  Again, pumped!

This is the bedroom on the opposite side of the hall.
I love the little built-ins.  
It will make a great playroom for Cliffy B.

This is the other side of the bedroom.
You can see Zac going into the second bedroom.

This is the second bedroom. 

And it's closet that spans the ENTIRE wall.

Then opposite side of the closet, is the closet for the 3rd bedroom.

Right outside of bedroom 3 is the bathroom on the left. 

I am so excited to have a bathroom that is separate from master bedroom.  So excited.

Also thrilled to have a tub.  I dig a good soak.  Plus, it would be difficult to bathe Little Bitty without a decent tub.  

Welcome to our little house in the country.  I will put up more pictures as we work on it .  Plus you should all see the little buildings and the yard.  The yard is so fantastic.

I can't wait until we get to really start workin on it.  Unfortunately I told Maggie that we would wait until her house is done and they are moved in before we make it the project of the month.  
Besides, Zac and I still have to dig out an area and prep to pour a concrete pad for our future shed.  We also have to run water line from the shed to the septic tank...that we still have to dig a spot for and set into place.  Like I say, projects galore. Get excited for us!
We can't wait to live in our new Krouse. 


  1. You don't think you will fill all those closets. But you will. Looks great.

    Aunt Jean

  2. I bought the farm too. Brat. It was Krause. but close enuf. I love the term Krouse. Perfect. It's going be great.

  3. A new business, a new baby and a Krouse...sounds like an awesome year! Congratulaions.

  4. So happy for you - it looks like a great house. Can't wait to see you put the Abbie style to it. Only complaint about this post - no pictures of Cliff.

    Jenny L.

  5. Abbie~that is so exciting! So much It really is such fun (hard work aside)moving into a new home & making it your own. I'm excited for you, girl!!

  6. Love it!! Love the metal cabinets and big sink in your laundry room :)


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