Monday, November 5, 2012

One Month Pictures

On  Sunday Cliffy B turned 8 weeks old.  
Where. has. time. gone?

I can't believe I haven't posted these pictures yet.  I have just been swamped.

Well folks, just sit back and prepare yourselves to fall even deeper in love with sweet baby Clifford.  
He rocks.

These pictures were just serendipitous.  I sat Cliff in a big bowl my mom gave me while I set up his first   props.  He became a big ol flirt while my back was turned.  Luckily, my friend Jamie was at the ready and got some pictures of him while I was busy.  

I decided that for halloween Itty Bitty would be a candy corn.
I sewed him a fab costume.  He loved it.
Until picture time.
As soon as I put the white hat on, he was a screamin meany.
So, I literally have A single picture of him dressed up.  
I also left the outfit with my photographer because Itty Bitty was already outgrowing it and there was no way it would fit in the 2 weeks it took for the holiday to actually come and go.

This was t-minus 5 seconds til freak out. 

Luckily I had snapped a decent one at home when I tried it on him. 

Next came the cutest pictures I think Jamie may have ever taken.
(Not that I'm partial to the subject at all...)

I just love his expression here.  Ya know he's mad, but it doesn't make him less adorable.

He quickly mellowed out, and we got this amazing shot.

Oh Cliff.  
Melts my heart.

His Aunt Maggie did a bit of crafting for him too, and made him a super cute crown.
He is our little prince after all.

He rocked it. 

So precious.

How do you choose between pictures of a sweet sleeping baby?
I just can't.

I love the awake pictures too. 
Ol' Cliffy B and those beautiful eyes.

I love his hair and his fat arms in this one.

Uhhhh! So Cute! 
I just can't get over my baby.
I wish all you guys could meet him.  You'd never want to put him down.  And I couldn't blame you a bit!


  1. I cannot stand it!!! Cuteness overload!! These are the best baby photos EVER!!!!! Love that crazy-haired cutie!!

  2. I have been waiting for more pictures of the cutest baby ever. He is just so cute. The candy corn pictures are killing me - so funny and adorable! I wish I was there to hold that little dude.

    Jenny L.

  3. Beautiful..the pictures are stunning! He's adorable. Oh the glasses pic, where he's leaning on the books.."sigh"
    so cute..happy days, indeed.

  4. He's ridiculously good looking! I'm still dreaming of that house on Clarksburg Rd and being Cliff's nanny. : -)

  5. He is absolutely adorable. Such cute photos!! Love the candy corn :)


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