Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flying Solo

Monday the 5th was my first day of solo practice. 
I am officially in business for myself.  Talk about intimidating.

I put press releases in the local papers and sent them to the radio stations too.  I sent out friends and family letter and attempted to let everyone who wanted to know where I am located now.  

I was thrilled when I got to the office Monday and had a voicemail from a patient wanting to get in that day. 

I set him up with an appointment, and went to town setting up the "refreshments."

They looked pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  

I saw two patients that day.

And spent a lot of hours learning my medical records software.

And figuring out how to bill people using my new insurance clearing house.  

I also took a trip to Cliff's daycare to feed him at lunch.

Then I cried in the parking lot because I had to leave him and he was exhausted and red eyed. 

But I made it through my first day. 

And then I made it through my first week.

Things are slow, but promising.

I've done a radio interview and had 2 different marketing events with a 3rd in just a day or two. 

Plus, my friends and family sent me flowers and notes of congratulations.

They believe in me.
I am so appreciative for everyone's supoort. 
I may or may not have cried over my flowers.
I may or may not be a hormonal disaster all the time. 

I am officially a small business owner. 
Ya'll better be prayin. 


  1. When I make it up to visit your Mama, a visit to you is on the top of my list.

  2. It won't take long to build up your busy. If I was closer I'd be making an appointment. Yes, it's hard to leave the baby.....hope that gets easier for you. COngratualtions, your office looks great.

  3. Congrats to you!!

    Love the colors in your office.... love the fabric of your curtains too!

  4. Wow..the office looks great! Wish I could make an appointment..who serves refreshments like that at a doctor's office?? Way cool. Good luck!

  5. Congratulations. Your office is great looking.I love the little kids corner. Your in the wrong state though best wishes praying things pick up for you quickly. Dont leave out all the cities and towns with in a certain surrounding area..

  6. The office looks fantastic! Love the curtains bunches. You are amazing!


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