Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chicken curry

Every so often I like to switch up our rather traditional meals.  I grew up with homemade.  Mom cooked every night...well, most nights.  We had spaghetti, baked steak, roast, stew and chicken soup.  We had a meat and potatoes diet and I loved it.  Seriously, I didn't have salmon until college.  Why bother when your dad raises cows? 

But, I like to switch things up a little more now.  One pretty easy dish, chicken curry!
Get a couple pots and pans going.  

Saute 1 apple, 1 onion, about a dozen baby carrots, and a few stalks of celery in butter. 

As that cooks away, drop some chicken breasts in water, add 2 bay leaves and garlic with some salt and pepper.  

Once the chicken is cooked, I shred it into the pan with my veggies.   I add a tablespoon of flour, 1and 1/2 tbsp of red curry powder, cumin, a bit of cinnamon and stock from the chicken I just cooked, to make the sauce.  You could puree the veggies and stock, then add the chicken, but I don't mess around with making more stuff dirty.  I also don't measure my spices, but wingin it doesn't seem to matter.  

I also use the stock to make rice.  
Simply serve the chicken over the rice.  Boom!  Meal.  

You should try it!  It has some heat, but it is not like melt your face off hot (which Zac specializes in).  Curry will also make your house smell fab!  And plus you get to put something new, and uncomplicated to make, on the table.  

Eat up folks!


  1. That looks fabulous! I'm just defrosting some chicken breasts~was gonna make soup because I'm sick. I think I'm gonna try this instead~I need a lot of heat to clear my sinuses.
    Plus, I have all of the ingredients so I don't have to go out. Yay!! Thanks!!

  2. I WILL try this - or something CLOSE to it. (I seldom follow ANY recipe exactly....


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