Friday, January 7, 2011


We all know Zac is a silly, silly man.  I swear, it seems everytime he comes home from St. Louis he has a new saying.  His latest....BOOM!  Proper application of BOOM! is after you've in some way mildly offended a person and/or put them in their place, after you've said something that is appropriatly awesome, or when an action/comment has shocked or awed another into silence.  For example:  "Aubrie just told me I am great at making couches into beds.  Guess who's the favorite aunt now! BOOM!" 

Zac started BOOM! ing me at the end of November, just in time for us to head to Florida.   During that 7 days with my family, he not only said it, but when I told him I hated it, he encouraged the entire family to work it into their new favorite sayings.  They did.  Now they all BOOM! out of control.  The funny thing is, I don't even think they realize they do it.  Zac catches them and then is very impressed with himself.  On Wednesday Maggie, Kylie, and Bean came for dinner.  I made meatloaf (cause apparently I make just excellent meatloaf) and greenbeans.  Caroline wasn't too interested in eating since she had just woken up, so Maggie eventually decided just to follow her around with her plate and sneak it in on her every so often.  During this little cat and mouse game Maggie says to Caroline, "eat this bean, BOOM!" as she pokes it in her little mouth.  Zac immediately says, "It's pretty awesome how I come up with a phrase and now I've got everyone saying it.  Maggie just used it in a regular conversation with her 2 year old."  What can I say, the boy is right.  In fact, my entire family is droppin BOOM! like whoa.  I saw it today in my mom's blog.  This is what she wrote, On a positive note, I am kicking rear on this phone. I can send/receive tests, send/receive e-mails, read/post on facebook, downloaded a bible app.(thanks Jamie) to do a daily reading and make calls. Boom! 
As you can see, BOOM! has fully invaded my life.  Zac wins. I guarantee if he were here right now, he'd tell me, "Guess who came up with an awesome catch phrase that everyone is sayin and it doesn't matter that you hate it! BOOM!"  In fact, he just told me over the phone, "Remember baby, I'm the one that came up with BOOM!  I created it."  So, for everyone out there that picks up Zac's phrase and runs with it, just remember, you'll never create a phrase as versitile as my husband did....BOOM!

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