Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spokeo or when the world knows too much

I am not a big fan of reposting statuses etc, then I saw today on my friend's facebook page this little message: here's a site called Spokeo.com that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, etc. You can remove yourself by searching for yourself on their site, copying the URL of your page, then go to the bottom of the page and click on Privacy button to remove yourself. Copy & repost so your FB friends are aware.
Like I said, not my style to repost.  I went to the site, looked for myself, and struck out.  Then I searched for my sisters.  Both were on this site, along with their addresses, their phone numbers, how many kids they have, their income, and I had the option to email them.  That's crossing a line for me.  I immediately reposted the info, emailed it off to my sister and started deleting as much of my family from the site as I could.  So far I've found my mom, dad, sister (under both maiden and married names), my mother and father-in-law, my sister-in-law, my uncle Doug, my grandma, my brother-in-law Brendan and I've done all that in the last 5 minutes.  I was able to delete a few, but not all of them by any means because the limit you based on your email address.  I think you can delete 2-3 postings/email.  I urge you all to slip over to that site and get rid of your info.  Personally, I don't want any patient that happens to get curious to be able to find not only where I live, but every way there is to get ahold of me.  Seriously, this site even lists who your parents and siblings are and will link you to all of their info also. Anyway, just tryin to look out for y'all.  Pass it on!

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