Monday, January 24, 2011

A visit to Carbondale

When I was in Carbondale I moved around a lot.  Like moved every 6 months for awhile.  The second group of people I lived with were 3 girls (first was 4 boys) named Jodi, Chelsea, and Becca.  Chelsea and I were fast friends.  I thought she was so funny, still do really.  She dated a guy named Andy for years (before and after I lived with her) and is now married to him.  Andy happens to be from the same home town as my husband.  Funny how things work out huh.  Chelsea and Andy are still in Carbondale as he works on campus and finishes up his grad school work.  Every so often we still take a little time to get together and last weekend was one of those times.  I drove down Friday after work and got in around 8:30, just in time to change clothes and head out for a bit.  

We ended up in a run down bar called Key West.  It's where people who are actually from Carbondale tend to congregate.  We got was karaoke night.  We got a couple beers and sat down for the show.  People karaoked, we played pool and it was an all around good time.  Eventually I decided to do something out of character, even ridiculous.  I signed up to sing a karaoke song.  And the song I picked.....wait for it.....Snoop Dog, Gin and Juice.  I, of course chose this song because he didn't have Warren G, Regulators.   Get a chuckle out of that one guys.  Turns out, I inspired the movie 8 Mile  We ended up staying out way too late, like 2 o'clock late.  We slept til about 8 then next day and spent the entire morning trying to logic out how we could ever think that we A. have a tolerance for alcohol and B. should ever sing in public.  We were super lazy the next day.  Just a dibby dab of shopping, then we were supposed to go to a friend's house for a party that evening.  We decided to recognize that none of us had the will power or the desire to leave Chelsea's house.  We ended up watching 3 episodes of Hoarders and chit chatting into the wee hours.  Aren't old friends great?  I'm just thrilled to know that I have picked friends that cheer me on when I rap and will also not be upset in anyway when I tell them I think we should skip out on their previous plans, to watch in shock and awe as A&E reveals just how filthy people are.  


  1. A. Only once in my life did I make the singing in public mistake....

    B. I'm good to make it to 11:00 p.m and 1 beer does the trick

    C. Good friends and hoarders= a real good time


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