Sunday, January 16, 2011


Quirks, I know everyone has got them.  It just seems mine may be a little more ridiculous than others'.  Or at least that's what my husband says.  I think I just know when and where to draw a line in the sand.  There is always the possibility that I am just a little more odd than I'd like to aknowledge.  But really, is it odd that I have a whole list of words that I really dislike and, in fact, avoid both using and hearing?  I don't think so.  Review my list then tell me I'm wrong.  Words I hate:  panties, eyeball, moist, both snot and phlegm, tummy, vomit,  there are more, but lets stop there cause it's grossing me out. 

 Aside from words I dislike, there are also sounds.  I really hate the sound of styrofoam on cardboard box.  I also hate the sound papertowels make on on my husband's dry hands (he always wipes his fingers after meals, it's one of his ticks, and trust me the sound is just awful).  I hate the feedback sound that happens with PA systems every so often but I think everyone does.  Depending on the day, I also wanna plug my ears to the crunching sound snow makes under boots.  After a long afternoon at my sister's hanging drywall, I'm reminded I am not a huge fan of the squeak screws make as they bite into wood. 
There are a few more things that I really dislike.  They are touches.  I hate when I am touched under my chin.  Awful.  Maggie thinks it's hysterical since I told her both Zac and I dislike it very much.  Now she occassionally sneeks in an underchin touch and I recoil in disgust.  I also don't like whispers in my ear.  It's too close, which is odd for me, since I'm generally invading the space of others (I'm a toucher, can't help it). More recently I discovered that I can't stand for my shower curtain liner to touch me when I'm showering or bathing.  I just replaced my liner and for some reason the one I hung wants to create a freakin cocoon around me.  It seems to be at random.  One minute I'm happily showering away and the next, that curtain has snuck up on me and is plastered to my side and I have to try to slap fight that curtain away from my body.

Zac says I'm being ridiculous.  But I know that he can't stand even the thought of someone biting a terry cloth towel.  A towel, not foil which most people can't stand the thought of, but a towel.  And you all were beginning to think that I'm weird.  Now I'm curious, what are you quirks?

P.S.  Zac came to me earlier and told me he thinks we need to get a different shower curtain cause he didn't like that it tried to touch him. hahahaha!


  1. I am cracking up! I hate biting a towel too and that shower curtain is possessed by a pervert! Next time I see you I'll get your chinny chin chin!

  2. This made me laugh. I have little quirks like that too, mine are mostly about unnecessary noises that people make with their really bugs me. Like eating chips loudly or my boss clicks her tongue a lot..i don't get it. Anyways..the shower thing cracked me up...that is an awful feeling when the shower curtain attacks you! LOL

  3. I can not stand the under the chin touch! Ugh, just thinking about it. I hate turtlenecks too. Just leave my neck and chin area alone! Jeremy always tries to catch me off guard...Curse him!


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