Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fountain soda

Every so often I get a hankerin for a good ol' fountain soda.  Such was the case a month or so ago after Zac and I picked up a pizza for dinner.  I asked him if he wanted to stop by the Motomart cause they have the best soda in town.  Zac declined but when I asked him if he knew why Motomart was superior and quickly responded, "It's the ice, they've got pellet ice."  It's true!  So true!  I love pellet ice, it is simply the best.  When I told Zac I was glad he knew that pellet ice is the best, he replied simply, " Yeah, I know a lot about fountain soda."   
Just look at know it's the best ice around.  
Anyway, it made me laugh and everyone needs a little amusement on a Wednesday. :)

1 comment:

  1. WRONG and I will fight you on this one. Pellet ice is not superior. The clear cube kind is the best. Pellet is rough on your tongue and not fun to crunch later when the soda is gone!~ I will admit though, that fountain soda is by far the best over canned or bottled.
    You're welcome!


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