Monday, January 24, 2011

A visit to Carbondale

When I was in Carbondale I moved around a lot.  Like moved every 6 months for awhile.  The second group of people I lived with were 3 girls (first was 4 boys) named Jodi, Chelsea, and Becca.  Chelsea and I were fast friends.  I thought she was so funny, still do really.  She dated a guy named Andy for years (before and after I lived with her) and is now married to him.  Andy happens to be from the same home town as my husband.  Funny how things work out huh.  Chelsea and Andy are still in Carbondale as he works on campus and finishes up his grad school work.  Every so often we still take a little time to get together and last weekend was one of those times.  I drove down Friday after work and got in around 8:30, just in time to change clothes and head out for a bit.  

We ended up in a run down bar called Key West.  It's where people who are actually from Carbondale tend to congregate.  We got was karaoke night.  We got a couple beers and sat down for the show.  People karaoked, we played pool and it was an all around good time.  Eventually I decided to do something out of character, even ridiculous.  I signed up to sing a karaoke song.  And the song I picked.....wait for it.....Snoop Dog, Gin and Juice.  I, of course chose this song because he didn't have Warren G, Regulators.   Get a chuckle out of that one guys.  Turns out, I inspired the movie 8 Mile  We ended up staying out way too late, like 2 o'clock late.  We slept til about 8 then next day and spent the entire morning trying to logic out how we could ever think that we A. have a tolerance for alcohol and B. should ever sing in public.  We were super lazy the next day.  Just a dibby dab of shopping, then we were supposed to go to a friend's house for a party that evening.  We decided to recognize that none of us had the will power or the desire to leave Chelsea's house.  We ended up watching 3 episodes of Hoarders and chit chatting into the wee hours.  Aren't old friends great?  I'm just thrilled to know that I have picked friends that cheer me on when I rap and will also not be upset in anyway when I tell them I think we should skip out on their previous plans, to watch in shock and awe as A&E reveals just how filthy people are.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Da Bears!

If any of you are married to a football man you know that the Bears are playing on Sunday for their spot in the Super Bowl.  My Zacman is pumped.  PUMPED!  He called me yesterday with a "great idea" to try to buy tickets to go see them play the Packers.  I am not so convinced.  He really, really, really wants to go.  He swears it is a once in a lifetime experience.  I am pretty sure the Bears won a SuperBowl at the end of their 1985 season, which would make this at least a twice in a lifetime experience, but Zac thinks that's a technicality.  So here I am, 9 minutes until tickets go on sale knowing we can afford tickets, but I would rather spend the money elsewhere.  Decision of the day.....make an extra car payment or make Zac's entire month, maybe even year?  Oh and GO BEARS!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Older

I am not exactly sure when I got old.  But it has happened.  It's subtle things.  Zac and I have both noticed it.  The other day Zac and I went to church and then out to lunch at a mexican joint. They had a lunch buffet so we did that.  Shortly after we ate, we both decided we felt gross and we were not gonna do that again anytime soon.  Zac can't eat dairy late at night unless he wants to be up sick to his stomach in the middle of the night.   So there goes 9pm Dairy Queen treats.  What the!?  When did we get to the point where what we eat determines how we feel or sleep?  That's just crazy.  That happens to old people!  I am supposed to be able to eat a diet of Little Debbies and Mountain Dew and still feel awesome.  I used to be able to.  This is just ridiculous, not to mention a little disappointing.  

I went to spin class on Thursday and my butt has been sore from that bike seat for 3 days.  Three days to recover from riding a bike!  That's just sad.  I am starting to see my "bounce back" is not bouncing quite as high as it used to.  Also, I find I just can't seem to stay up late anymore without yawning a million times the next day and wanting to nap in one of my treatment rooms at work....not that I've ever done that..much.  I actually woke up on the couch at 8:30 the other night.  That means I was asleep before 8:30.  That's just wildly unreasonable.  Aside from my early bedtime, I have also started staying in simply to keep warm and be in my pj pants.   That's right, I'm now old enough to avoid the extremes of heat and cold.  I am even picking up old person interests.  In fact I spent this Friday night sewing and considered playing Bingo this afternoon with my friend Angie (who was invited by one of her old lady clients).  I am just shocked by my sharp decline into old age.  Apparently 25 is the new 85.  I think maybe I'll just embrace it.  Bust out the knitting needles, turn on Jeopardy, and hand over that crossword puzzle!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Quirks, I know everyone has got them.  It just seems mine may be a little more ridiculous than others'.  Or at least that's what my husband says.  I think I just know when and where to draw a line in the sand.  There is always the possibility that I am just a little more odd than I'd like to aknowledge.  But really, is it odd that I have a whole list of words that I really dislike and, in fact, avoid both using and hearing?  I don't think so.  Review my list then tell me I'm wrong.  Words I hate:  panties, eyeball, moist, both snot and phlegm, tummy, vomit,  there are more, but lets stop there cause it's grossing me out. 

 Aside from words I dislike, there are also sounds.  I really hate the sound of styrofoam on cardboard box.  I also hate the sound papertowels make on on my husband's dry hands (he always wipes his fingers after meals, it's one of his ticks, and trust me the sound is just awful).  I hate the feedback sound that happens with PA systems every so often but I think everyone does.  Depending on the day, I also wanna plug my ears to the crunching sound snow makes under boots.  After a long afternoon at my sister's hanging drywall, I'm reminded I am not a huge fan of the squeak screws make as they bite into wood. 
There are a few more things that I really dislike.  They are touches.  I hate when I am touched under my chin.  Awful.  Maggie thinks it's hysterical since I told her both Zac and I dislike it very much.  Now she occassionally sneeks in an underchin touch and I recoil in disgust.  I also don't like whispers in my ear.  It's too close, which is odd for me, since I'm generally invading the space of others (I'm a toucher, can't help it). More recently I discovered that I can't stand for my shower curtain liner to touch me when I'm showering or bathing.  I just replaced my liner and for some reason the one I hung wants to create a freakin cocoon around me.  It seems to be at random.  One minute I'm happily showering away and the next, that curtain has snuck up on me and is plastered to my side and I have to try to slap fight that curtain away from my body.

Zac says I'm being ridiculous.  But I know that he can't stand even the thought of someone biting a terry cloth towel.  A towel, not foil which most people can't stand the thought of, but a towel.  And you all were beginning to think that I'm weird.  Now I'm curious, what are you quirks?

P.S.  Zac came to me earlier and told me he thinks we need to get a different shower curtain cause he didn't like that it tried to touch him. hahahaha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spokeo or when the world knows too much

I am not a big fan of reposting statuses etc, then I saw today on my friend's facebook page this little message: here's a site called that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, etc. You can remove yourself by searching for yourself on their site, copying the URL of your page, then go to the bottom of the page and click on Privacy button to remove yourself. Copy & repost so your FB friends are aware.
Like I said, not my style to repost.  I went to the site, looked for myself, and struck out.  Then I searched for my sisters.  Both were on this site, along with their addresses, their phone numbers, how many kids they have, their income, and I had the option to email them.  That's crossing a line for me.  I immediately reposted the info, emailed it off to my sister and started deleting as much of my family from the site as I could.  So far I've found my mom, dad, sister (under both maiden and married names), my mother and father-in-law, my sister-in-law, my uncle Doug, my grandma, my brother-in-law Brendan and I've done all that in the last 5 minutes.  I was able to delete a few, but not all of them by any means because the limit you based on your email address.  I think you can delete 2-3 postings/email.  I urge you all to slip over to that site and get rid of your info.  Personally, I don't want any patient that happens to get curious to be able to find not only where I live, but every way there is to get ahold of me.  Seriously, this site even lists who your parents and siblings are and will link you to all of their info also. Anyway, just tryin to look out for y'all.  Pass it on!

Friday, January 7, 2011


We all know Zac is a silly, silly man.  I swear, it seems everytime he comes home from St. Louis he has a new saying.  His latest....BOOM!  Proper application of BOOM! is after you've in some way mildly offended a person and/or put them in their place, after you've said something that is appropriatly awesome, or when an action/comment has shocked or awed another into silence.  For example:  "Aubrie just told me I am great at making couches into beds.  Guess who's the favorite aunt now! BOOM!" 

Zac started BOOM! ing me at the end of November, just in time for us to head to Florida.   During that 7 days with my family, he not only said it, but when I told him I hated it, he encouraged the entire family to work it into their new favorite sayings.  They did.  Now they all BOOM! out of control.  The funny thing is, I don't even think they realize they do it.  Zac catches them and then is very impressed with himself.  On Wednesday Maggie, Kylie, and Bean came for dinner.  I made meatloaf (cause apparently I make just excellent meatloaf) and greenbeans.  Caroline wasn't too interested in eating since she had just woken up, so Maggie eventually decided just to follow her around with her plate and sneak it in on her every so often.  During this little cat and mouse game Maggie says to Caroline, "eat this bean, BOOM!" as she pokes it in her little mouth.  Zac immediately says, "It's pretty awesome how I come up with a phrase and now I've got everyone saying it.  Maggie just used it in a regular conversation with her 2 year old."  What can I say, the boy is right.  In fact, my entire family is droppin BOOM! like whoa.  I saw it today in my mom's blog.  This is what she wrote, On a positive note, I am kicking rear on this phone. I can send/receive tests, send/receive e-mails, read/post on facebook, downloaded a bible app.(thanks Jamie) to do a daily reading and make calls. Boom! 
As you can see, BOOM! has fully invaded my life.  Zac wins. I guarantee if he were here right now, he'd tell me, "Guess who came up with an awesome catch phrase that everyone is sayin and it doesn't matter that you hate it! BOOM!"  In fact, he just told me over the phone, "Remember baby, I'm the one that came up with BOOM!  I created it."  So, for everyone out there that picks up Zac's phrase and runs with it, just remember, you'll never create a phrase as versitile as my husband did....BOOM!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mama's got a brand new bag....I mean blog

I know everyone that frequents my blog is probably poppin over to see my sisters every so often.  Annie writes The House that Jade Built and Maggie writes Glitter, Paper, Scissors, which I promise she will eventually get back to.  Now, we are proud to announce our sweet mom Janie has joined the mix.  You can check her out at her blog called Janie Fox Talks....well, blathers really.  Please take a minute to drop on by her little slot in blogland.  It will give you a pretty good idea of why my sisters and I turned out so well and are so amusing (or we at least like to think we are).  So wander for a bit around our blogs, watch our lives change, and our faith grow (and that is a pun related to baby Ollie Faith too) and let yourself fall in love our family! 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fountain soda

Every so often I get a hankerin for a good ol' fountain soda.  Such was the case a month or so ago after Zac and I picked up a pizza for dinner.  I asked him if he wanted to stop by the Motomart cause they have the best soda in town.  Zac declined but when I asked him if he knew why Motomart was superior and quickly responded, "It's the ice, they've got pellet ice."  It's true!  So true!  I love pellet ice, it is simply the best.  When I told Zac I was glad he knew that pellet ice is the best, he replied simply, " Yeah, I know a lot about fountain soda."   
Just look at know it's the best ice around.  
Anyway, it made me laugh and everyone needs a little amusement on a Wednesday. :)

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