Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Kramer Time

Well folks, it's that time of year again.  Aside from the slew of birthdays actually on the 10th, I have a lot of important ladies born around me.  My sister-in-law Sara had a birthday yesterday and today, on good ol' Friday the 13th, is my best friend Courtney's day.   I wrote about her last year to celebrate our 26th birthday.  This year we have reached the ripe old age of 27.   

She and I have both had a lot of changes over the last year.  The most important probably being the new additions to our families.  Courtney has been married for 5 years I think...yes 5.  This is a picture of Court and her husband Matt.

Aren't they cute?  I know, they totally are.  Imagine my excitement when she shows up to tell me she was having a baby.  SO PUMPED!

Then I got more excited as she got bigger.

And she got great maternity pictures that made me kinda stop hating maternity shots.  

Plus, how could you not love a girl that is so happy she can't stop her happy-squinty-eye when she holds your nieces. 

And truly loves and appreciates the handmade things you work on for her baby.

I'm so glad she has a fantastic babe of her own now.  Hazel Jane is beautiful.  She even trusts me enough that she let me adjust baby Hazel to help her go to the bathroom.  She says I can adjust her everytime I see her...and I love being able to take care of Hazel in a way most others can't.  It makes me feel special....which makes me feel dweeby to write, but it's true.  

When Courtney called me yesterday, I was so thrilled to be able to tell her to "Get excited, I am carrying Hazel's future husband, Cliff.  She responded, "OF COURSE you are.  Of course you are having a boy and of course he will be Clifford Stuart."  We both agree, the marriage of Cliff and Hazel will be epic :)

So happy birthday to my best friend.  I love you dearly.  I am lucky to have you and can't wait for you to be the mother of my daughter-in-law.  It's happening.  For sure. 


  1. First of all, I read this and bawled for the second time again today. And then, I clicked the link to last year's and bawled again reading the post the comment.

    Secondly, heads up, the bawling will get so much worse after Cliff is here.

    Thirdly, I am SO excited that our babies will be so close in age. They will know and love each other...we will make them.

    Fourthly (Is that spelled right, it looks weird...damn you Mrs. Bolinger...I've retained nothing!), yesterday afternoon, Hazel and I had some pretty awesome tummy time on the quilt you made her. She whispered in my ear that she loves her Aunt Abbie and the quilt is her favorite.

    Finally, later on she told me that she looks forward to her next adjustment, because she can feel the love when you adjust her and snuggle her.

  2. That is so funny! My best friend Elizabeth, just had her first baby last night, Sarah Kathryn, and she has an arranged marriage with my Ethan :-) I keep telling her I can't wait to meet my daughter-in-law and her husband keeps saying he needs to have a talk with Ethan about his intentions.

  3. Holey moley that babe is cute! Clifford will be one lucky boy!

  4. Holey moley that babe is cute! Clifford will be one lucky boy!

  5. Hazel Jane named after me via your Jane so dern cute. If she rejects Kipper for an older man...we will give her Everett.


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