Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Suzy Homemaker

I am a busy body.  I know it's easy for everyone to call it nesting, but trust me, it's been a long term condition for me.  I am lucky to make it through a movie without starting a project and being up and down 16 times.  Easter was no exception.  I have a list a mile long I'd still like to get done before baby and while I still feel like doing anything.  My big project this weekend was cleaning cabinets.  

You may or may not remember this post.  What I didn't know at the time was that this was just the beginning of my bug problem.  My neighbor gave my husband and I roaches and it was disgusting.  I have NO tolerance for such things.  I had my house professionally sprayed.  I bug bombed.  I cussed.  And eventually we saw no more bugs.  That didn't stop me from spreading poison and traps in my cabinets to prevent ANY insect from stepping foot on my counter.  

The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to get rid of it.  The last thing I want is insecticide anywhere near a baby bottle and I didn't want little hands on poison.  De-bug bombing my place has been pain, but I am making progress.  I started with windows, curtains and blinds and that was a success.  I have cleaned out closets, reorganized under sinks in all the bathrooms and kitchen and then started on the cabinets.  

I had to sweep out the powdered poison and wipe them all out with soapy water.  After they were dry I ran some Raid around the edges and then contact papered the shelves (Which was going surprisingly well until I was pulling the sticky paper from it's backing and managed to paper cut my lip.  That's right.  My lip.  These things only happen to me).
All that was left was washing EVERYTHING and putting it back in all neat and tidy.  It wouldn't have been so bad except I have no dishwasher and washing every dish you own is a slow, slow process.  

But, doesn't everything look so tidy now?

The fridge even got in on the action!  Full cleaned out, drawers washed and condiments organized.  

Aren't you proud of me?!  I was too...until I remembered that my baby's room looks like this...

*Sob.  I will get it all done.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  I definitely have big plans for getting it all done.  I have been letting the baby's room be a disaster because we go THURSDAY for our ULTRASOUND to find out if we are having a boy or girl!  After that I have a feeling I will want to kick it into high gear and I have decor in mind for either a little miss or a little mister so I just need the go ahead to get my color scheme in order.  

I gotta get my walls wiped down and baseboards cleaned and repainted and touch up paint on my walls.  The projects abound!  Let me know if you wanna help :)

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  1. I am in to help. ugh. Just kidding. I am on call. Call me.


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