Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday Gifting

My dear husband used to be bad at giving gifts.  He has really upped his game.  Last year he bought me a beautiful anniversary band.  This year I was expecting a flip video camera.  It's all I asked for.  Zac didn't want me to have one.  He told me it was stupid since my actual camera can record video.  I was irritated that he shot down my birthday idea.  

I have to admit, I was a bit of a jerk about my birthday prospects this year.  I talked to mom about it.  Told her I couldn't imagine what he was going to get me if not a camcorder.  She told me "maybe he already has a plan."  I was adamant that she was wrong.  He would wait until the last minute.  There was no way he had anything planned.  Adamant.  I was wrong.  

I walked in to this beauty sitting in my living room.  

I bought it at an estate auction last summer.  I had sanded it a bit to avoid major splinters, but otherwise it had been sitting in my dad's woodroom in the shop since.  I had forgotten that it needed TLC to be honest.  I hadn't mentioned anything about it to Zac in months.  He really, really shocked me by sanding and sealing it.  It looks AWESOME!

Check out it's amazing wheels and hardware.

Not to mention, it looks fab in my living room.  

I love my mix of primitives, mid-century modern and industrial stuff.  It's so me.  
I also love having a husband that will put a little thought into a gift for me.  I still can't get over how good it looks.  And I, in no way, regret bawling over it.  

Thank you Zac, for a great birthday present.  And the Ball jar of sweet williams you picked for me.  You are the best!


  1. That table is fantastic!!! I am soooo jealous :-) You have yourself a good man!

  2. I t is fabulous and you were so wrong and I KNEW the whole time. Zac is a good one. sweet Williams in a jar from your dad now too. They must have done it together.I have

  3. That is just about the most romantic gift ever!

  4. What a guy!
    And by the way, did you inherit Annie's black leather? Or is that couch very much your own?


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