Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gifting...Zacman style

My husband, historically speaking, is a bad present giver.  Well I guess not bad necessarily, but it's obvious by his gift giving that he work for Best Buy.  Over the years he has given me a camera, a laptop, and a wine fridge.  Yep, wine fridge.  When I got said wine fridge I desperately wanted to pull a Wayne Campbell and say something along the lines of "wine fridge, I don't even have A bottle of wine, let alone many bottles which would necessitate an entire fridge" (tell me ya'll remember the gun rack scene from Wayne's World).  I didn't.  I said thank you, we plugged it in and three weeks later the motor burned up.  We replaced it, it happened again, and finally the wine fridge was outta my apartment.  I guess I am partly to blame for Zac's odd gifts.  I was trying to be nice instead of honest.  This past Christmas I couldn't take it anymore.  

2355965 Angle Large
I am a good gift giver.  You mention once, in passing, that you like/want something and I mentally store it away to shock you later on with it.  This has always been how Zac has awesome birthday/Christmas/anniversary presents.  I had Zac's stuff all wrapped and ready to go weeks in advance.  He is a last minute guy (which is part of the reason I get electronics) but had told me a few days before the holiday that he "tried really hard this year."  I was excited about it.  Zac had to work on Christmas Eve so when he got home that night he said "I didn't get you any stocking stuff cause I was in a hurry to get home."  To which I replied, "It's ok.  I know you tried hard on the other stuff.  It's no big deal."  Turns out, I was wrong.  

We got home from grandma's, I give Zac his presents and stocking stuff, then I was up.  Zac put one of my presents in my stocking....a set of make-up brushes.  I knew they came from the supply house, Maggie had the set and I liked them, so I knew she'd mentioned it to him, and picked them up for me.  Next present....a purse.  Again, saw it with Maggie, she called Zac, she bought it, wrapped it, then handed it over to Zac.  Third present, a folded up $100 bill.  That was my Christmas.  The "tried hard" presents.  I was mad.  I didn't say anything, instead I let myself get quite mad....then I had a fit on our way home from his parent's house.  It went a little something like... "you said you tried hard Zac and both presents were from Maggie.  It is not her responsibility to take care of my Christmas.  You gave me a freakin' $100 bill.  Do you know how impersonal that is?!  I'm your wife.  We've been together 5 years and you still can't figure out what I like?!  I even emailed you links to things I wanted!  It's not what you got that bothers me, it's that you said you tried hard and I expected that you had and my presents would be even remotely meaningful!"  Zac felt bad, I felt, well, like an ungrateful bitch considering it was more than what some people get, and in Zac's defense, I told him I didn't want much because I'd used a lot of my Christmas money to do Angel Tree for a few kids.  But seriously, it was not even a "tried hard" group of presents. He got the point.  

My birthday is this Sunday.  Zac has already gotten me two presents. I joked with him that I couldn't imagine what he picked up for me from the gas station.  He said he was excited about them, that he knew now why I always wanted to give him his presents early.  Last night he gave me "the big one."  This is what he got me.....

Isn't it beautiful?  I've been asking for a wedding band every holiday/birthday since we got married.  I am a Chiropractor, and my solitaire sets up high, so it would always get caught on the table or in someones hair or rip the face paper, etc.  I was expecting a plain gold band so needless to say I was tears.  This is what my wedding set looks like..

so I can actually remove my solitaire from the wrap and drop in my new band, or wear the band alone and wear my wedding set on my right hand.  I am just shocked.  Really.  From wine fridge to diamond ring.  My husband has really stepped up his game!



  1. great job birthday is Sunday too.

  2. oh my gosh, I was laughing all the way through this. 28 years I've been married baby - and my husband says every year - I just don't know what to get you - and heads out on the morning of Christmas eve with a deer in headlights look. Makes me so mad!!, that is a an awesome ring...and I was in awe of your solitaire by the way - too bad you remembered you let me hold it.....


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