Friday, April 15, 2011

Gifting...Zacman style Part Deux

I have written before about my foe.  It is a chocolate cake that I mess up everytime I try to make it.  That's just the way it seems to be for me and that darn cake.  But alas, I have more than one foe.  The second I has some similarities with the first.  I find them to both be delicious.  I would love to have both of them often.  They both occassionally make me cry.  What, oh what, could this second foe be?


Yep.  Onion.  I don't just cry as I slice and dice.  For hours after my eyes burn.  They turn red.  I look like I've just spent twenty minutes in the back of Cheech and Chongs fun bus.  It's odd.  Really.  I have no other sensitivities.  No seasonal or food allergies.  But onion just destroys me and makes my eyes hurt.  So now you are probably asking yourself "what in the world does onions have to do with birthday presents?  Has Zac given Abbie the gift of never having to cook again?!"  No, that's not it at all.  What the Zacman gave me to slay the evil onion is......ONION GOGGLES!  Who's jealous?

Aren't they ha-larious!  I laughed hard and immediately had to model them.  Zac bought them off of Amazon.  Apparently the reviews were phenomenal.  He couldn't resist....and I don't blame him.  It's hard to find a present so functional that makes the recipient look SO GOOD and prepares her for both cooking and extreme downhill skiing. 

So now surely you are curious as to how these babies perform before you finish punching in all your credit card number to get a set yourself.  And the survey says.....excellent!

I put those onions right next to my face.  I smelled them, but not even an inkling of burn.  Not a twinge, not a hard blink, not even a squint was necessary.  Holy guacamole!  I tell you, I am in love!  Not just with my onion goggles, but even more with my husband.  Jewelry and goggles, he really did put some thought into my presents this year.  How could a girl go wrong with a birthday present line-up like that!  The part that made me happiest....he gave them to me and said, " I got you green ones cause green is your favorite color.  And they have an anti-fog lense!"  Thank goodness for that anti-fog lense.  Ya know how I usually get all hot and bothered when cutting up vegetables.  Oh the impressive features of onion goggles. He is just a doll I tell ya! 

 If you are pumped about onion goggles, you can find them here.  And, don't tell Zac, but the are pink are FABULOUS and I may even love them more...

Ps. If you ever find yourself with five pounds of onion to dice for a chili supper, you know who to call. 


  1. these are hysterical and amazing all at once! you actually look gorgeous in them :O) way to go hubs!

  2. Love these! Functional and funny at the same time. I bookmarked them for future use! :)

  3. haha. he is a goof. you look pretty in those, really, no sarcasm. you're a pretty sister.

  4. ABBIE I have a pair!!!! A friend got me MY favorite color... RED last year....I agree about how fabulous they are!! I make a lot of french onion soup to give for Christmas gifts and it is a MISERABLE experience trying to peel and slice the 9 lbs of onions but NO MORE!!!!


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