Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good birthday day

I know you are all dying to know what I did on my birthday.  Well, sit down, strap in, and try not to hold pass out from shear amazement.  First and foremost....I slept in!  It was great.  I love a good long sleep.  After that Zac and I pretty much had the day to do whatever.  We were sick of it by 10:30.  Ya see, we usually get up, hurry to get ready, and leave for church.  We are not usually home until about 1-ish.  Sometimes we stop and hang with the family and love on the our day was terribly open.  

We dillied.  We dallied.  Then we went to Wal-Mart.  It's exactly what you would've done too.  I got spray paint, and prettied up my flower pots.  I have big plans for them this year.  These three will hold tomatoes, peppers, and probably more tomatoes.  

And these will hold lots of herbs....LOTS!  I also swirrled all their dirt around and got everything ready to roll for when there is "no threat of frost." 

Whenever that will be....

(and yes...i also think the owl flower pot should have chives in him so he's got big crazy hair)

I took my sweet time doing this.  Then surfed the internet.  Then got so sick of listening as Zacman watched the Masters that I told him we should just go play a round.  So we did.  This is Big Z gettin his stretch on before playing some serious golf.  Well, not exactly serious as I find most things hard to take seriously.  Lets say it was a good stretch before playing some light-heared mediocre golf.  

( i just realized how terrible the grass looks at the tee...i swear the rest of the course didn't look like this)

Just look at that form.  He is the master of getting himself psyched up.  I have to give it to Zac.  He plays with me without trying to coach too much.  Which is good, since I'm not always grateful for help.  And when I say not always, I mean I will mostly tell him to leave me alone and stop bossing.  

We only played 9 holes.  I guess I only really played 8, but I laughed a lot at Zac's crazy antics, his Indy 500 driving, and his multiple failed attempts at picking up a stray ball while driving as fast as he could and leaning out of the cart.  And don't worry, when he missed the ball he'd just continue to drive in circles around it until he either snagged it, or caused two intense cases of vertigo.  This is a picture of us coming off of the course.  Zac has senstive eyes, and no organization skills, so he frequently wears my sunglasses as his are missing.  Case in point.....

After this we ran home, changed our clothes and headed to a nice dinner with most of the family.  Then we went to church, came home, and crashed hard.  It was a great day.  I'm hoping this Sunday will go just as well.  

Ps...what I learned on Sunday night really changed the way I think about creation and i'm really looking forward to sharing as soon as I write up a decent blog about it....

Pps...Zac gave me a second great present so stay tuned for details!

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