Monday, April 11, 2011

Trading up

For my birthday from my ma, I got a great piece of loot.  When the sisters and I got started with our business, Ethel Edith, we had a few things in mind like spending time together, fixing up furniture, and rotating new pieces into our homes to replace things we liked but didn't love.  This is one piece I didn't love.  He is cute, don't get me wrong.  I have a vanity that matches it, and they will be great in a little girls room.  But for my room, eh.  

I saw a great yellow dresser in a store uptown a couple weeks ago.  I've been think about him.  He wasn't too expensive at plus he has fantastic old paint.  I loved him.  Then mom told me she was gonna get him for my birthday and I was pumped!  The lady that owned him cut me a sweet deal and took even more money off, so I claimed him for my own.  

A close up of his paint

 Now was my little dilemma.  I took out a turqouis dresser and put in the chippy yellow bedroom furniture looks terrible together!  This was the side table on my side of the bed. 

I knew what I had to do.  Last year at Third Sunday Market I found another gem.  I live by the motto, if you love it, buy it!  As long as you love the things in your house, you can figure out a way to make them work together. So, even though my current furiture didn't go with it, I bought what has become my new bedside table.  I would now like to introduce her to the world...

Oh my she's a beauty!  She's ready for her close up.

Old crystal pulls how I love you!  The best thing is, I get to pass on my dresser and side table to someone else now and they get to love them for awhile and I'm officially back on the hunt.  I need a large dresser now.  I will know him/her when I see it then my bedroom will be complete.   Wish me luck at the markets!

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