Friday, April 8, 2011

Prayer request!

About a month ago I wrote this post about being relatively stuck. We've all been there in one way or another and I appreciated every comment left.  I feel fortunate to have a support group that extends all over, and to people I've never even met.  But that post got me thinking even more about what is really important to me and it can be summed up with one word.  Family.  Fame, fortune, a big home, a new car...none of that stuff honestly matters much to me.  Would I like them? Yes.  Do I need them? No. 

With those things in mind, I brought up the future again to Zac.  Well, he brought it up kinda.  We saw an announcement for a new reality show about guys that move things no one else wants to/can move, ie: pianos from 12th story windows.  Zac said that he never wanted to do that.  To which I replied "Are we really gonna move again?"  So that's what got the ball rollin'.  I told Zac that this is where my family is.  Where we want to build a house.  Where we have a support system.  If we really intended to eventually build a life here, then why put it off again.  And, if he was going to find a new job and start all over, why not do it now when we won't feel the pay cut as much.  Plus, it just gives him more time to work his way up in another company if he needs to.  Much to my surprize, he agreed.  Zac said he would start looking for a job within (daily) driving distance of home. 

 Fast forward 1 month and he put in an application, with his company, at a store that is only 40 minutes away.  It's not doing the same job, as he works out of the district now as a home theater installer,  but it's a full-time supervisor position for the car audio (he did car install for Best Buy for 5 years) and a couple other departments.  The most important thing is if he gets it, there won't be a big pay cut AND we get to keep his benefits! 

 Start saying prayers....BIG FAT PRAYERS for Zac and his interview skills!  He's got a long history with Best Buy and this opportunity is darn close to the best we could've hoped for.
Do it. Right now.  Something along the lines of "God, please, please, please help Zac to get the job in Decatur.  He really deserves it.  Big time." would be nice. (Maybe your prayers aren't like this at all, but God and I are pretty casual in our relationship.  What can I say? He gets me.)  

Thanks so much for every prayer!  Now I'm off to draft a mock interview Q&A session :)

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  1. Saying a prayer right this minute for God's perfect will for your lives.....


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