Thursday, April 21, 2011

A voice like the angels

As you all well know by now my family is over-run with children.  Between sisters, in-laws, and cousins we will be having 8 babies this year.  EIGHT!  Crazy right?  We all know how much I love all these little beans and in particular I love to hold a baby and rock him/her to sleep.  When I do, I always sing the same song, Do You Remember by Jack Johnson.  I love him.  And I love that song.  And babies love it too.  Conveniently I've made it the top of my playlist so it's actually the song you are hearing right now...if your volume is up and your speakers are silenced that is.  
So a few days ago I'm over at my sister Annie's house and have decided that what Miss Ollie needs to fall asleep is a little bouncing and singing.  I propped her up on my shoulder and proceeded with said song and dance.  She passed right out as expected.  I went and laid her down and said to the family "I always sing the same song to the babes.  Ever since Aubrie was born.  Don't I hun?  It works everytime."  To which my occasionally hateful husband replied "Yeah....probably cause they can't stand to be awake for it."  And the whole family laughed.  This is the kind of love you can count on from my family.  They will be there for ya, they will move big cabinets, and re-finish basements so you can move in with them, and they will also insult you at every turn.  Thank goodness for them and their senses of humor otherwise my life would be very boring.....and you might have seen me on next seasons try-outs for American Idol.

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