Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish very Happy Birthday to my dear sweet momjohns!  (Hop on over to her blog and you can do the same, Janie Fox Talks)

You are simply the best mom and I could not love you more.  Not one bit.  I am a lucky girl.  Lucky that you will go out of your way for me.  Lucky that you love to decorate, chit-chat, and laugh.  Lucky that you taught me to cook and clean well.  Lucky that you are almost my size, you tire of your clothes, and hand them down to me.  Lucky that you love Zac like your own.  Lucky that you set an excellent example with Dad.  It's no wonder I love you so bad! (Did ya catch that?  It's rhyme time)

While I'm at it, Happy Birthday to Aunt Jackie!  Thank goodness you and mom are twins, otherwise your birhday would be such a lonely affair!

Also Happy Birthday to Aunt Jennifer.  I tried like the dickens to find a picture of you but each one I grabbed off of Facebook turned into a blurry mess.  Wish you were here and I'd snap a new one...then hug you tight and kiss your face!

And last but not least...Happy Birthday me! That's a lot of April 10th birthdays huh!  I know.  Try to wipe that shock and awe off of your faces! 

 I plan on spending the day with the Zacman,

My mom...who birthed me this day 26 years ago.  Hahahaha...birthed me, gross.  

And the rest of the hooligans I call family.

Hope you all have a fab day too!


  1. thanks my dear birthed child- i love you so bad too!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you all have the same one-that is pretty amazing. :-) You have such an awesome family!!

  3. Happy Birthday! :) My birthday is also April 10th! :D Crazy how so many people in your family have that birthday!


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