Thursday, April 12, 2012

We're having a.....


It is official.  Zac and I got to see him, man bits and all today.  We are super excited about it.  Super excited.  I've even been to my sister's house already and have washed my first load of baby clothes handed down from Everett.  I had a feeling that baby was gonna be a boy and turns out my mama's intuition was correct. 

Now for some additional great news, we have a name too!  

World meet Clifford Stuart Ballard!  

Zac's middle name is Clifford after his grandpa.  Clifford was actually called Kip and Zac is called Kip by his whole family.  We feel very fortunate to have a family tradition.  Not only did I get a family engagement ring, but we also have a namesake and we dig it.  He is named Stuart after my own Dad who is one of our biggest blessings. 

He will probably be called Cliff, or Ford, depending on what he looks like.  For now I get a kick out of calling him Cliff Stu.  Say it out loud, it is amusing.  Now feast your eyes on our darling boy.

This is his profile.  I can't believe how much we can see now.  He is so big.  

This is his face.  He is head down right now, so it was hard to get a clear image.  I think the 3D ultrasound is amazing.  

His face again.

The funny spot on his nose is actually his hand.  He kept putting his hand in his mouth which made it harder to really see him but just look at those full lips.  He's handsome already!

Oh gosh.....I'm crying again.  I am a lucky girl that will soon have two Ballard men to live with and love on daily.  I am still trying to wrap my mind around all of it,  but am so grateful for baby Cliff.  He is awesome already!


  1. He is AWESOME! I am so freakin excited I can't stand it!

  2. I am going to call him Kipper. I think it will be Kipper Stu. I am crying too. :)

  3. Congratulations! He is beautiful already!!! I am so excited for you, boys are the best!!! They ALWAYS love their mamas :-)

  4. Love those Ballard boys. How exciting. Looking forward to meeting a new nephew.

    Aunt Jean

  5. Wow! Congrats! Must say I was not surprised tho... ;) I am astounded at the 3D pics!!! Almost like seeing them in person!

  6. Cliff Stu is adorable! Oh, my gosh....the 3-D images are fantastic. Having family namesakes passed down is very powerful, too. Continued Blessings!

  7. Made me bawl at my computer at work...I love Cliff so bad already. So incredibly happy for you guys!


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