Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random facts, Volume 6

I am the family driver.  Doesn't matter where Zac and I are going, how far or how near, you can bet I'm chauffeur.  Zac says he shouldn't have to drive because he drives all day long for work.  I sort of feel like the time between 8 and 5 is a black hole and I shouldn't have to credit my husband with work driving.....but the control freak in me hates the way he is on the gas, off the gas, on the gas, so it's easier just to be the driver.  Sometimes this is detrimental as Zac is happy to sit and play games on his cellphone the entire ride and all I want is someone to praddle on endlessly with.  It is a conundrum, but it is how it goes every time we leave the house.

On Tuesday night I was expecting a call.  Zac had demanded that I drive him to fill up our water bottles (another quirk for another random fact volume) and then drive us to Dairy Queen.  Any pregnant girl in her right mind doesn't turn down a DQ treat.  Really, ANYONE in their right mind wouldn't say no.  Especially considering how delicious it is and how much I love ice cream.   

So away we go and immediately, I get the call I am expecting, which turns into a conference call.  Luckily the car was stopped and Zac was filling bottles, so I wasn't as distracted.  This is about the time I realize, I just walked out of the house.  No purse, no I.D., no driver's license, but more importantly, no cash to buy treats.  I wrote Zac a little note.  He read my note, then signaled that he needed a pen.  This is what I got back from him. 

That definitely says HOME AND SHIT!  With shit underlined for emphasis.  He is a man of few words, but gets his point across.  It cracked me up!  I did take him home, he did run inside and I did take him to DQ and I did mute my phone so I wouldn't have to explain that I was as concerned about my ice cream situation as I was about the call.  What can I say? I am an efficient multitasker.   

Now I just have two questions...where can I drive ya?  And will you be buying me a twist cone? 


  1. You can take me junkin" and I will buy you the biggest twist cone I can find!

  2. You can drive me and Maggie to Shabbona, IL (Shuh-bone-uh? Shaaa-buh-naw?) and I will buy you a Happy Meal.

  3. drive me crazy like always haha


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