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I know I mentioned Wildtree in my last post, so let me take a few minutes to let ya know about it.

I am a big fan of trying to keep things simple when it comes to food.  I always told my patients, the closer it is to nature's form, the better.  For example, apples are better for you than applesauce and potatoes are better than potato chips.  I would encourage them to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and skip the middle where the premade/processed food lives.  Our diets are essential to our health.  I can't even tell you how much your food is helping/hurting you.  Most chronic disease can be improved, if not reversed, by changing diet alone!  I promise it!  

Knowing that this is something that I preach, I am always looking for ways to practice it.  In Shelbyville, it is hard.  The organic section of our grocery store is a few dozen products.  So when Annie had a party and said it was organic food, I was curious.  Then thrilled, when the food was good!  I talked with the rep and found out more about the company, Wildtree.  

Wildtree was developed by a pharmacist after she realized that her children had food allergies and sensitivities and could not handle preservatives, etc.  Her mixes became so popular, it eventually became a business and before too long, Wildtree was up and going.  After talking to the rep, Anna, I decided it made sense and the benefits outweighed the risk I would be taking in "starting" a business.  Plus, who doesn't love good food!  And the best part, this food is not just good tasting, it is good for ya!  No additives, no preservatives, no genetically modified foods, no MSG, and organic (certified organic this summer).  I am pumped about it!

I really can't say enough about how easy/simple the products are.  Meal planning is easy and if you are in a rut in the kitchen, Wildtree will snap you out of it.  They have everything from appetizers to desserts.   I have tried a lot of the food and dig it!  The butter grapeseed oil is fab and so is the garlic grapeseed oil.  There is a bacon oil, chili oil, hickory smoke oil and they make it so easy to add flavor to your food.  Plus grapeseed oil is higher in heart healthy fats than even olive oil and it has a higher smoking point, so it doesn't burn as easy.  Zac and I use the butter oil to grill steaks and don't think we will ever go back.  Want bacon and eggs without the guilt, add bacon oil to your eggs!  The beer breads are awesome.  The skillet meals rock.  Every dip has been great (the dill dip, guacamole mix and garlic galore just to name a few) and the dessert mixes are SO simple.  They have pizza crust mixes, spaghetti and alfredo sauce,  terikayi, orange, and asian plum sauce, dozens of soup mixes, pancake mix and even gluten free products (muffins, brownies, bread, etc.).  I'm tellin' ya, you will want to make a wishlist!

These are the products I got for FREE after my tasting.
I can't even wait to try them all!

This is my "host sample" banana bread that I just made tonight.  I added an egg, water and butter.  I also added bananas, cause I had 2 that needed to be used up.  These products are just as easy as anything you'd buy at the supermarket, but without the bad stuff!

I have a website now that I encourage you all to take a few minutes to look over.  If you would like to see a catalog (you can download one from the bottom of the page) let me know and I'll email/drop off one for you to look over. You can place orders online and it ships right to your house.  If you do have enough products you are interested in, then book a tasting with me. You get 15-20% of whatever products are sold in FREE food for you and your family.  If you buy and fall in love with the products, they have something called a "culinary club" membership that is a 1 time $25 fee and then you get 20% off of every product you buy for life.  Can you go wrong?!  Anyway, I am thrilled with the company and the products and look forward to being able to supply my future patients with affordable, healthy food options.  I really can't wait to do a "cooking" class for them.  

If you have any questions, message me or email me at  If you are local and want to come to a tasting, I'm having one on the 4th and you can bet it's gonna be delicious!  

PS check out the recipe section on my webpage.  All the Wildtree products are searchable and we figured out the hard stuff, what to do with them!  I doesn't get easier!

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