Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Houston we have a crib

We got a crib!  Woohoo!  Ford now has a place to sleep...well, hopefully sleep when he gets here!  Mom picked it up for us.  She was adamant that she buy his crib and I'm not about to say "No, please don't shower us with gifts!" 

She sent me pictures of a few options and I loved the legs on this crib.  Loved them!  She dropped off the crib on her way home from my aunt's house and being obsessive organizer that I am, I insisted it be put together that night.  Zac was less than enthused, then I was, because both he and mom forgot to get the hardware out of her car so I had to go to her house before we could start on the crib.  Didn't matter that it was after 8.  It WOULD be put together! 

This was what we started with.  Mom found him at a shop that sells overstock from other stores.  He was on display.  He has 2 minor scratches and was $270 less than his orignal price because of it!  Can you say sweet deal?

These are pictures of the process.  As you can see, Zac is pumped.  

And as you can also see, I am getting pudgy.  I think I'm allowed pudgy at 5+ months.  

We were done.  I was thrilled, Zac continues to be mildly annoyed.  At this point he was more annoyed with me taking pictures than the actual crib building.  

After our weekend away, he and I dropped by his sister's place in Peoria to pick up some awesome hand-me-downs.  This included a crib mattress among other things.  His room is starting to look like a room!  I'll post up pictures soon! 


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