Friday, May 25, 2012

Experience a tasting

I know I've been mentioning Wildtree lately, as I became a rep for the company while in the unemployed phase of my life.  I have mentioned tastings, but I know people fear the unknown and are much more likely to say "no" to something they are not familiar with.  For this reason, I thought I'd just give ya'll a little preview of what a tasting looks like.  Here are a few pictures from my last tasting.

These are the display products.  So people get a feel for just how many spices and mixes and awesome food the company makes.  This is just a fraction of what's in the catalog.  And, this is all free product I've received from being the "hostess."  As the rep, I bring all this stuff and set it all up. 

These are Wildtree's sauces and flavor infused oils.  Again, got these for free and this is stuff I bring as the rep.  Let me tell ya guys, they are delicious.  

These are two of Wildtree's entrees.  The left is taco meat, the right is a skillet meal.  Both rock my socks off.  The skillet meal is the healthy alternative to hamburger helper and is just as easy.  Meat, milk, water, their seasoning and rice become dinner in all of 15 minutes.  

The "hot" entree is the only thing that's prepared the day of the party.  Everything else can be done the day before and refrigerated so all ya gotta do is set it out! 

These are the other things I made for the party.  It was Cinco de Mayo, and I had some extra stuff, so I made a little more than I would ask any other hostess to do.  
What you see on the table is a beer bread, guacamole, and 2 dips.  Each of the things I listed is made with Wildtree mix/seasoning and 1 or 2 ingredients (sour cream, cream cheese, whipped topping, etc).  The entire prep of all of the things you see on the table was 20 minutes or so.  Then they all went in the fridge and were set out the day of the party.  

Like I said, Wildtree products are simple and easy.  If any of you out there are interested in hosting a tasting, let me know.  I'd be thrilled to help ya get a bunch of free products that are great tasting and healthy for your family.  Hopefully, if any of you have been wondering, this helps you to know what to expect and eliminates any intimidation that you may feel when it comes to hosting a "food" party.  
Keep it simple!  And let Wildtree help ya do that!

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