Monday, May 7, 2012

Dogs for Ali

Forever ago, and I do mean forever, like around Christmas.  My cousin asked me to paint her dogs for her.  She loves them dearly and was moving into her first apartment and wanted a canvas to go above the couch.  I procrastinated long enough that the semester is over and she now lives back at home...but nonetheless, she got her paintings!

This is her baby Nala.  Isn't she a funny, fluffy little thing?

This is Nala, on canvas.  The color is off because I dinked up the setting on my camera, but none the less.  You can see how her fluffiness came through.  She cracks me up!

This is her baby Reuben.  Reuben actually came from one of my mom's litters of pugs.  Isn't he a handsome man?  I just love pug babies.  I can't help myself.  They are adorable.  

This is Reuben a la Abbie.  

Ha! Oh Reuben, you rock my socks off!  

Ali loved them.  I was, of course, thrilled.  I am so paranoid people won't like the paintings I do for them.  They do like them.  In fact, no one has ever not like them, but I still fret.  I am good at fretting.  
If you'd ever like a painting of one of your 4 legged children, you let me know and I'll quote ya a price, then I'll worry, then I'll celebrate when you like it.  Promise :)


  1. Reuben is too funny. Have you forgotten about Reta and Stella. Or Brenda Dog?? I could use a couple for my dog room!

  2. What I like is how much YOU love your paintings. You always get such a kick out of how they turn out and I think that is wonderful. I really admire self-confidence in a person. I can't wait to see my painting of Ms. Lucy (I am really not rushing you). I got on here to get your link to send to a friend.


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