Saturday, May 5, 2012

Standard Process Weekend

Last weekend Zac and I got a weekend together.  Kind of.  We went to Wisconsin to a resort for a conference/continuing education weekend for me.  It wasn't all boring for Zac.  He came with me for the first day, then had a whole day to kick it.  

This is us on the first day.  It was early, but Zac was not too grouchy, so that was nice. 

We went to Wisconsin to tour Standard Process and for me to attend their "basics" weekends which is a overview of their core products and then how to utilize them to help heal the body.  They make products that help all kinds of things.  From thyroid disorders, to adrenal fatigue, to GERD, to high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  It is amazing what the right nutrients can do in the right combinations to actually repair the body.  

Standard Process, in my opinion, is an outstanding company.  They make organic, whole-food based supplements.  Any company that invites it's doctors to come to their facilities, shows them how the are made, tells them why they are made the way they are, and then educates the doctors on the best and most efficient ways to use the products, is A-Ok, in my book.  Standard Process does just that.  In fact, they have weekly educational programs which are clinically useful.  And that's what it's all about.  Being able to apply what I know in a way that actually matters.  

The first part of the weekend for us was a tour of the farm and the manufacturing facilities.  It was literally like being on an episode of How It's Made.

This is Zacman on our tour of the farm.  He was scowling at me because cameras were "not allowed."  I assured him no one was mad about my picture of him.  He was annoyed at me.  Standard Process has 450 acres on which they grow all kinds of things.  Their crop rotation keeps the same plant from being planted in the same area for a minimum of 5 years.  They also plant all kinds of things that they let die and work back into the soil to up nutrient value.  It was really impressive.  Really. 

This is them cutting and then picking up rows of something....I can't remember what.  Pregnancy brain. But it smelled like silage, and I kinda liked it.  

This was a picture of one of their greenhouses.  I want one SO bad.  Seriously, so bad.  This is just one of 4 or 5 that they have.  These little guys were about to go outside to be hardened off then planted.  Years ago they used to hand plant everything, then they grew and now this one house held 10,000+ little seedlings, so they have a machine now.  I wished that I could have seen it in action. 

The farming at SP is so controlled that from the box of each supplement they can tell me not only what is in it, but what area of the farm it came from, when it was planted, harvested, fertilized and then the details of every soil test done on or near that plot over the last few years.  

From the farm we drove down about 1 mile to the factory.  Again, incredible.  Zac even like it.  We had to wear lab coats, hair-nets, glasses and headphones for the tour.  Zac even had to wear a beard-net which was awesome.  I am so disappointed that I don't have a picture of it.  Zac was lookin hot.  Glad you ladies weren't there.  I'd have had to beat you off with sticks I tell ya!

This is Zacman leaving the facility.  Isn't he cute in khakis and a button up?  I know.  I'm lucky.   

After the morning tours we had lunch and then lecture for a few hours.  Zac actually faired better than me.  Darn my formal education for giving me the ability to sleep sitting up.  Zac scared me awake and then I made it through the rest.  I swear, I could nap every afternoon now.  I was embarassed, but at the very end of a row so no one seemed to notice.  

Day 2 started with breakfast, then lectures.  The lectures were very useful.  I love a tried and true protocol.  Now I have big plans for PMS, Crohn's Disease, GERD and all kinds of things!  Super exciting stuff for all my blog readers...but ya know ya can't change a leopard's spots and I am a Chiropractor after all.    

Zac went and explored Lake Geneva.  It was beautiful.  I was jealous.  I skipped out a little bit early and we headed home.  We stopped at Zac's sister's house in Peoria and went out to dinner with them.  I have all sorts of great loot from her for baby Clifford.  That's all coming up soon in another post!

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  1. That sounds awesome! And you guys are soooo cute, that little Clifford is going to be a heartbreaker :-)


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