Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dogs for Debbye

Debbye has been a repeat customer of mine and I love a repeat customer.  She makes it well known that she is a fan of me and of my work and I appreciate it so very much!  She believes in my paintings enought to suggest that I even start working on pieces to sell to boutique shops near her home.  I haven't taken that step yet.  I am a little intimidated by it honestly.  Guess I just need to man-up a bit and go for it....but I am busy enough for now.  Anyway, when Debbye asked me to paint up her sister's pooches, I couldn't say no.   

 I have done pets for her in the past and even some holiday paintings as well.  
She has loved them all, so when these two came across in my email, I knew there was no way they wouldn't be fab.  I love the one on the right's bangs.  What hilarious dog brows!

I set off to capture these two, and well folks, I think we can all agree, I hit the nail on the head here. 
I love that I can look at two white dogs and know which one is which.  They even got their fancy collars and funny brows.  Debbye thought they were great.  I was relieved, as usual.  

These two are two of my favorites.  They don't top the goat...but really, how can any painting be better than a fainting goat painting?


  1. You're puppies are really beautiful. Their painting is awesome!

    1. thank you! always nice to know my work is appreciated!


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