Monday, May 21, 2012

Third Sunday Market

The sisters and I (plus Mom and Aunt Jackie) and the girls of Underground Vintage Studio (Darby Harden and Lauren Seabaugh) headed to Bloomington this weekend for Third Sunday Market.  If you have never been, go.  It's awesome.  There is more stuff there than you could ever look at.  You just gotta pick and choose.  We set up a few years ago, but it was a bad month because the show fell on Father's Day and it was blazing hot.  This year, we got wiser, and went in May.  
Aside from it being a dust bowl, it was beautiful weather 

The sisters and I take care of the big stuff, the chairs, cabinets, dressers, etc.  Darby and Lauren whip up great handmade goods at their studio in Sullivan, IL.  Which, if you haven't been, go.  Yellow Dog/Factory Art Studio is SO cool!  

Here are a few pictures of our booth.   If you see something you love, let us know, and we will check to see if it is still available.  We decided with what we have left, we are going to throw together a rather impromptu show at the big garage sale fundraiser we are having for Ollie this weekend.  We will be donating a portion of our sales (and all the garage sale earnings) to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis.  

Isn't our booth cute!?  I know.  It is.  

I'm afraid by the end of the day I was not.  With my red-heads complexion, I had to layer on the sunscreen.  Unfortunately, a dry, windy, dusty day means that when I got ready to shower immediately after coming home, I found myself undressed but wearing a dirt outline of where my clothes had been.  Glad I wallowed in it for hours.  Also, Maggie's and her babies have given me their cold/strep throat.  Turns out that a cold in the summer is like having a whole head full of disappointment. 
 I knew it was a perfect day, but I couldn't breathe the fresh air, and all I wanted was a couch, air conditioning and someone to rub something menthol-y on my neck while I laid a rag on my forehead like Caroline.

Instead I shopped, got great things, and came home to Zac a cranky, dirty, lazy girl.  
He is lucky. 
Thank you 3rd Sunday Market.  You were worth it. 


  1. One of these days I am going to SHOW UP. As soon as I can find a trailer to hitch and haul....

    I'm glad your mom linked to you. I have missed a LOT of activity here, girl! You've been a blogging WONDER. I'm caught up now - and came back to say so.

    (I have my husband reading the Fisher-Price repair instruction post carefully. I've passed up some of those suckers. Now I know to snag 'em when I can.)


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