Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lexi the Llama

My friend Jill has a farm.  And on that farm she has goats, lots of em.  And she has another hilariously fabulous animal.  A llama.  You read correctly.  She is a sass mouth llama.  Well, I don't know that for sure, but just look at that mug and tell me she is not a sass mouth.  

On this post, I wrote about Jill and her farm just a dibby dab.  She asked me to paint a goat for her.  I painted Yankee.  He is a dandy.  Ya see what I did there?.  Yankee....dandy....yep, you see.  Anyway...Jill loved Yankee so much that she had a special frame made and got it in her head that she should have a llama too.  I agreed.  Of course.  

So I put it off.  Forever.  I swear I have been so behind on my painting.  But I did get it done and she loved it.  Now, you take a minute, and love it too!

Lexi the llama.

And let me tell ya folks, it's hard to paint white eyelashes.  Especially white eyelashes that are a mile long. 

 Silly llama.


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