Friday, May 4, 2012

Clifford's Room

Cliff's room is starting to look like a nursery.  It's nice.  It makes things seem more real, that's for sure.  As you guys know, we got Clifford's crib last week and I love it.  I like that it is substantial, as I am sure Cliff will be too.  I have to change the curtain....not sure what color I want yet.  I think maybe I will steal the ones from my bedroom...but then what do I hang in my bedroom?  It's a perpetual quandry.   

We rearranged his room a bit the other day.  Moved his crib to the big wal and his dresser to the short wall.  I don't think I'm going to have a rocking chair.  This may be a disaster, but I figure if he gets used to being rocked, he will want rocked always.  I may be kicking myself for it when I am standing bouncing him at 3a.m. instead of being in a semi-coma in a chair.  But nonetheless, Cliffy has a chair and toys and books already.  He is gonna be so spoiled.  

This is something I am pumped about.  He actually has wooden blocks!  Real wooden blocks.  I found them at a thrift store and got 2 boxes of them for $4.  I am pumped about it!  Penelope loves them, so I figure Cliff will too.  How could he not?  I gotta get a different lamp.  I just don't love that green one, but I have been eyeing a turqouise one at TJMAXX.  It's the berries.  It will be mine.  Well, it will be Ford's but still.  

Ford is actually amassing quite a bit already.  Especially considering that he is still "in utero."  The day I found out he was a boy Annie had me come "shopping" through Everett's stuff.  I picked out what I liked, stored some of it away and have already washed and hung the rest.  Then Mom gets me something everytime she leaves town.  And the aunts have started buyings stuff.  I honestly haven't spent anything on my own baby yet (aside from insurance deductibles).  It's odd.  But look at all this little outfits!  

As I mentioned, Zac and I stopped by his sister's house on the way back from Wisconsin.  She has an almost 9 month old baby and was ready to get rid of some of the things she had stored.  She gave me this awesome carseat which came with a stroller, plus 2 covers, 1 lightweight and 1 heavyweight.

  I also got a great booster which I will use constantly since I have a niece or nephew to haul around with regularity.  In fact, last week I drove Aubrie home from school.  I told her I was working "every stinkin' day" next week.  She said, "then you can drive me home every stinkin' day."  Cracked me up.  I told her if I was working at the school and heading out to her mom's we could.  

I was pumped to see that this booster is the kind with the slide out cup holders.  We Foxes have taught our children well.  We go no where without a beverage.  It's important to stay hydrated and visit the bathroom everywhere we go.

And last but not least.....I got in Cliff Stu's fabric!  I will be sewing bumpers, a crib quilt, and fitted sheets.  I may also be sewing a dust ruffle, but I pray I don't have to.  

I looked online for crib sheets in colors I liked, but they were all like $20-25 each, so I got $5 flat sheets at Walmart and they are perfect.  Just a little time and a little elastic and BOOM, crib sheets in the exact shades I want.  

Honestly, the hardest part of all of this, is deciding which ones to use where.  I think I will make 2 crib quilts.  One will  have the travel fabric.  The other will have the bugs.  But who knows.  I love a project!  

Look at this bugs in jars fabric.  It is just so great!

But then again, so is the travel fabric and the cameras.  
See my predicament here?

I really love this fabric for the bumpers. I found this pattern online for free, and it looks pretty simple.   I will probably make the townhouse fabric the outside and then use a pattern inside, like the orange fabric on the left side of the picture above for the inside of the bumpers and then use a solid grey for wrapping the cording and making ties.  I just don't know!  The options are killin me!  What's worse is that the sisters and I are going shopping tomorrow to register Clifford and I know I will see a thousand other things I also adore.  I have to go by Hobby Lobby to get canvas for some more client art and I know the fabric will suck me in.  I think I may have to draw a line in the sand before there is an intervention. 

Anyway, this is where Clifford's room is at now.  I have a long way to go, ton of organizing and re-organizing (OCD what's up!) and a lot of sewing ahead of me, but I consider it a labor of love.  Now I just need a big flat table, good lighting and a big glass of iced tea. 

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  1. LOVE the room! And just so you know we've always rocked I can lay her down in bed and she'll fall asleep no problem so I wouldn't worry about rocking him. You just do whatever you need to do to get both of you some sleep. Evelyn slept in either her bouncy seat with the vibration on or the swing for the first 2 months of her life just so we could get some sleep (oh and once she slept in her care seat)After she was old enough to start sleep training she slept in her crib for 9+ hours a night. The first 2 months are just survival :)


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