Friday, May 11, 2012


I don't know if you have realized this yet....but I am a super planner.  Some may say control freak.  Others may call me anal retentive.  I call you all disorganized slackers, so I can't care.   The fact that I was just about 6 months pregnant and hadn't put together a registry was driving me crazy.  Who cares right!?  Me.

 I wanted a list, I wanted to mark things off that list, I wanted to have already had my shower and know exactly what I have left to buy for Cliff Stu and I want to know exactly how many days I need to work in order to cover the expenses.  That's not anal retentive guys, that's just thorough.  Right? Right.  :)  

I talked to Zac about registering but again, I am married to Captain Whatever. He doesn't get excited about baby stuff in any way, so I decided that it was better I not go with him and get pissed when his enthusiasm for picking what brand of wet wipes to clean our kids butt with, didn't match mine.  And let me guarantee you folks, it would've happend.  He would have made me mad, I would have let him know it, he would've acted like a manbitch, and I would've held a grudge. The last thing I need is silent tension in the middle of Target when I am annoyed and in awe of his nonchalant diapering attitude.  There are better options.  

The sisters offered to go with me and we decided on a girls night.  Registering and then a dinner at Fuji where they flip spatulas and fling egg into open mouths.  You can't pretend it's not a winning combination. It is.   

We headed out in the afternoon and started first at Walmart.  We waited for awhile for anyone to acknowledge us.  When that didn't happen, I found the lady from the jewelry counter and asked for a "gun to register with."  She looked at me and said "we don't have one of those." "Do we need to get it from customer service?"  I asked.  "No, we don't have a registry thing. You have to do it all online now."  SAY WHAT!?  I could see the afternoon of scanning frivolity and flying shrimp slipping away from me.  Honestly, I am fairly certain Walmart was trying to suck the fun out of being pregnant.  So we decided to officially boycott Walmart registering.  

After Walmart failed me in a big way, we headed to Target.  Again, we waited and waited for a scanner, but then we went to town.  I now have a registry!  Or rather, Clifford has a registry, but lets not split hairs.  You can check it out here.  It just makes my day that it's done!  After we wrapped things up at Target, we headed over to Fuji.  

The hibachi grill thing cracks me up.  Not really because of anything going on with the grill itself, but because of the people I generally end up sitting with.  The girl next to me refused to try to catch the egg in her mouth after she thought the first one landed in her hair.  It didn't, but she did spend the next few minutes sorting through her hair looking for it rather than looking behind her chair and seeing it on the floor.  She also came with the older aunt that was LOVING every cheesy joke out of the grill man's mouth.  She also had a pretty extreme aversion to shrimp that I found to be in direct conflict with her otherwise overt happiness.  And then there was the lady next to her with the broken arm.  She looked excited about absolutely nothing that happened during the entire meal.  Lady didn't even pretend to be amused at the show ol' boy hibachi was putting on.

  Dinner was great though.  Up until the very last 5 minutes.  It was during this time that the waitress brought me a box for my left-overs.  I filled that box, then promptly allowed the box to flip upside down, while still open, onto my lap.  Yay me!  Maggie laughed hard.  Mostly because there was rice PACKED around the beading on my tank top, which was admittedly quite funny.  I apologized to the waitress for ridiculous rice mess on the floor.  She looked perplexed and apologized for my food.  Then I laughed til I cried and we hightailed it out of there, full, with small amounts of left-overs and one grease-stained pregnant belly.  I looked good. 

We headed from there to Hobby Lobby where I got the rest of the stuff for my crib quilt and had only 1 run in with the nazi fabric lady that feels the need to criticize my fabric choices.  One day I'll verbally slap her.  I am just waiting for the day when I've been pre-wronged by many others so the day has already kinda been ruined.  You know what I mean.  

I have absolutely no pictures from the day.  Clearly I should have taken a camera.  We had a great time and it was super productive.  Plus, who wouldn't want to see pictures of me with a whole buncha rice in my lap and Maggie next to me barely holding it together.  All-in-all, registering was a success and I only wanted to get in a fight with the fabric lady.  What a good day!  


  1. haha I wish I would have ben there to see the spill. And you need to tell the fabric lady you can't care what she thinks. she is a dweeb.

  2. Ok so this post seriously cracked me up! Point #1 I love that you referred to Zac as a manbitch.....but it really is true he would have annoyed you to no end...and besides the wipes that you use to clean the little buns are important even if they don't get it.

    Point #2 the Hobby Lobby fabric lady is a hateful hag that needs to keep her unwanted opinions to herself! I did verbally slap her good enough for the both of us....I can promise you that!

    Point #3 In case you haven't learned....pregnant bellies are the best for catching food! I would have love to have been witness to all of the shenanigans!

  3. Good choice on NOT taking your husband. Eight years ago mine wouldn't help me pick out baby socks, instead he stayed in the car and listened to the ball game. I going to get over it any day now, really I am.


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