Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random facts, Volume 9

Here's a super random one for all of ya, I hate toilet paper roll holders.  You read correctly.  
My aversion stems directly from my distinct hatred for changing empty toilet paper rolls.  Perhaps it is because people seem perplexed as to what to do when the roll is empty; unable to understand how to change it.  Really it's a complete waste of time and effort.  it is for this reason, when you visit my house, you will not see my toilet paper strapped to my wall.  
I keep mine as such.  

See, easy.  Except for when Zac uses every bit of toilet paper and then things are still equally as annoying as if the empty roll were hanging there, taunting me.  I keep trying to tell him to keep an extra couple rolls under the sink in his bathroom.  When he sees the last roll getting small, replace it.  I've lectured him.  He can't care.
It is for this reason he scared me awake, yelling my name across the house in the middle of the night a week ago, when his complete denial of lactose-intolerance lead to a gut-battle with Casey's pizza and poor Zac was stranded until I flung a roll down the hall at him.  I was less than thrilled about the situation.  So was Zac. 

There ya go folks.  Another very random fact about yours truly.  Lucky you. 


  1. poor zac now has abandonment issues. hug him for me.

  2. That's how we roll with the rolls at our house too!! So much easier!

  3. Why can't men learn simple things like that??? Oh, they are so frustrating!!!!! :-)


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