Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have been waiting to post up this picture.  Honestly, my pregnant brain kinda forgot about it for awhile....then I found it on my computer and laughed and figured it was about time.  

This a lovely drawing done by Miss Aubrie Grace.  
In kindergarten, they were discussing the concept of push and pull.  
Aubrie immediately decided that the best example she could think of to illustrate the word "push" was her favorite Aunt Abbie, "pushing" baby Cliff out and into the world.  

Notice the yellow urine bag. 

I am happy to have the pee bag if it means she really thinks my legs are that skinny. 

I do, however, fear that my belly will be that lumpy after Ford gets here.  

Let's all pray for an easy delivery, flat stomach and thin legs.  A girl can dream.  (Shutty haters....I can hope.)

P.S.  You're welcome Mrs. Kuhl for the inadvertant lesson in obstetrics.  


  1. This is hilarious. What is the swirl above your belly? Also, I love how you are delivering your baby outdoors under the sun. I think kids always do a sun in their pictures because it is easy to draw. Who am I kidding, when I do my stick people pictures, I draw a sun because it is easy. An alien concept for someone as talented as you.

    Jenny L.


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