Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A very dusty ruffle

When I sewed my fitted crib sheets, I mentioned that I was thinking about sewing a dust ruffle.   I didn't know how it would turn out, as I have never used a pattern and I was really just wingin it, but hey, what's the harm in trying.    If I ruined it, I was out a $5 flat sheet.  

My first step, I measured the spring base of my crib.  Turns out, it is 51"x26".  I figured, this would be the size of my polka dot fabric and I would cheat my sides in a bit, so none of the white would show.  

I found this fabric on the cheap at Walmart.  I ironed it, then cut it to 51"x26".  Easy peasy so far. 

I decided I wanted to do a 12" drop on the sides of my dust ruffle.  I also decided I didn't want it ruffled.  I took a twin flat sheet, folded it in half, ironed the outside edge, measured up 12" and marked with my fabric pencil.  I cut that 12" off and used my ruler to make sure I stayed consistent.  

I kept things easy on myself by using the already hemmed edges of the sheet.  Super simple.  

After my 12" strips were cut, I measured to 52" and cut my long sides.  Then I measured 27" and cut my short sides.  

I decide to sew on my short sides first just because the were smaller and easier to work with.  

Here is my dust ruffle with my two short sides sewn on.  
Then it was time for my long sides.  

I wanted to make boxed corners, kinda, but wasn't sure how to do it.  So I just did my best.  Make sure you fold back your short side so you don't sew it to the white part as you sew on the long side.  Here I just folede it at a 45, and then laid my long strip on.  

I clipped my long side on, and rolled up the excess to make it easier to handle when sewing.  

This is what the corners looked like when I finished.   You can see it slightly overlaps, which is exactly what I wanted.  

This is it on my crib.  Looks totally professional right?  I know.  I rocked this dust ruffle.  You can bet it will be the only ruffle I ever rock with the butt and thighs combo I have goin for me.  But I love it.  And it was easy.  

I have a ton of left over grey fabric and while I had my machine out, I thought I'd do a little something extra.  Sheets from Walmart now come in funny little cloth bags.  The sheet is incredible folded and super jammed into this little thing.  I figured there was something that could be done with it.  

Someone had made Ollie O a little bag to hang from her crib that held pacifiers.  I thought that was a great idea as I perpetually lose them when watching babies and I want to have as much of a meltdown as Penelope when I can't find one. 

So I took a strip of grey fabric, seemed it ends, cut it in half, seemed again, and then sewed the two new strips to the little fabric bag.  

BOOM! Pacifier bag!  

It was a productive day. 

It is amazing what being able to sew a (relatively) straight line and free time can accomplish.  When in doubt, know that if I can sew, you can do it!  Not always well, but most of the time, completely acceptable work.  Keep aimin' high!  And know that I'm proud of the things you make....and if I'm not, well, I can't see it from my house :)


  1. You should make one of those clips that attaches to their clothes. Those have been lifesavers for me and Alyson. If she looses it in the night it is attached to her and not half way across the bed.
    Laura (Smith) Kazmer

  2. Great job girl!! Way to go Abbie!! I am totally impressed!!

  3. Super cute! I have been so glad my Mom taught me to sew on many occasions. And as she says when I beating myself up over an imperfection..."A man on a galloping horse will ever see it".


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