Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Sunny Day

Today is a special day.  Very special indeed you see!  For today is the day of my birth, 27 years ago. 
 Can you even freakin believe that!  I am 27.  It is bizarre.  What is maybe more bizarre is that it is also my Mom's birthday, my Aunt Jackie's birthday, and my Aunt Jennifer's birthday.  Mom and Aunt Jackie are twins and two of the youngest 53 year-olds you'll find.  Aunt Jennifer doesn't disclose her age.  I figure I will get to that point.  I hope to be more mysterious with age.  I predict it won't be that I'm more mysterious....I actually think I'll have less memory and therefore answer your questions with questions which may have the same effect.  I think I can sell it as "mystery" based on the tone of my voice and subtle narrowing of my eyes.  I believe you will agree....eventually.

Anywho, as I get a little older, and a little wiser, I find that I frequently have no response to the question "What do you want for your birthday?"  This year was not much different really.  I tried to "prep" with some things I definitely would like.  I tried to get Maggie to help me scrapbook my honeymoon.  When that failed, she bought me some pillows from TJMaxx. Since Annie wasn't with us, I told her that she could donate to Sunny, my girl on Reece's Rainbow.  

I know I've written about Reece's Rainbow before, but you should definitely look into them if you have some money to throw around or need a charitable donation for your taxes.  Sunny is a little girl that needed a good home.  I'm happy to say that as Reece's Rainbow did their Angel Tree promotion this Christmas, Sunny's family found her.  I can't wait to see pictures as she gets older.  I just think she is amazing and so cute! 

So, if you find yourself sitting behind your computer today thinking, "I need to celebrate Abbie today." Please hop on over to Sunny and add a little to her adoption fund or visit their family's fundraising site and buy a t-shirt to support them.  There is nothing I'd like to see more than that sweet baby (and her sister) making it home and knowing that I helped a little.  

P.S. Happy birthday to my mama.  You are so very loved!
Happy birthday to my aunties.  You are kinda loved too.... but mom stole your thunder.
(hahaha "kinda" cracked me up)

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