Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The beginning of blog domination by the Fox Girls

After much resistance my sisters have talked me into blogging my little heart out... I put up a good and noble fight for almost a month and a half and I caved last night. Most of my resistance to the idea was because I hadn't come up with a name I though really captured me. I'm afraid Little Trailer, Big People truly does sum it all up though and I couldn't hold out anymore. I have both the blessing and the curse of being what I call "nearly man-sized." As a chiropractor, men have more faith in my ability to fix them because I'm not 5'2" and 110lbs. Instead, I am the size of the average man, 5'10" and with a curvy woman body (thank God I'm curvy, it helps to distract from the aforementioned man-size). In June I married a great man named Zac. He is big even by my family's standards. He is 6'4" which is great because next to him, I seem appropriate. The sisters often laugh at how ridiculous they look next to him, which I oddly enough, never noticed.

I graduated from school in August and we moved back to my hometown. Fortunately my parents own rental properties so we get to live rent free, but unfortunately these rental properties are trailers. In fact, an entire trailer park is my birthright. Score! Not only do I get a house that's aerodynamic, but I can also opt to take it with me should I ever need to get the hell outta dodge. So now Zac and I get to live in 15'x70' feet of paneled glory. Initially we lived in a 12'x70' and by the time we got our couch and two small scale chairs in the room, there was a 2' path. A month went by and Maggie got the itch to move into the trailer she and Kylie had bought for the purpose of renting. When they moved into the bigger mobile home (two doors down) she asked me, "do you guys wanna move into the bigger trailer?" to which I replied, "damnit, we do." I hate moving, but when it's from the back row to the front row of the park, there was no good excuse not to. Maggie and Kylie had already fixed up the trailer and except for a good vacuuming, we didn't have to do anything. Maggie even came back and cleaned the poop off the wall from when baby Caroline "sharted" during the middle of the night and it ran behind the back of the changing table. (Maggie still claims she had no idea it was that bad.) I absolutely love my new trailer. I know that its not glamorous and no matter how nice a trailer is, it is still a little low brow, but for now, it's exactly what we need.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about my husband, he is an electronics junkie. He spent 4 years installing car audio/mobile video and has made the switch to home theater installation. When we moved into the second trailer, we had a fight because he wanted to build a false wall to cover the bay window so he could mount our giant TV and it wouldn't be on a stand. I won, so it is mounted, but there is no false wall. Curtains surround it, so i looks like its floating. Its very cinema like I think (I hope). Anyway, much like my sisters, I like to decorate so I will post pictures of my humble abode soon. Plus, that's motivation for me to finally hang my wedding pictures. Hope you (if there is anyone other than my sisters) enjoyed the first installation of Little Trailer, Big People.


  1. Very good first post sister. It is funny - you are a good writer & people will love you! PS - fill out your profile all about you & I can add an About Me area to your blog so they can see the Amish giant that you married ;)

  2. Looking foward to future posts.

    Aunt Jean

  3. You write beautifully! Have fun with your new blog!

  4. I love blogs abbie! I'm glad i have another one to read now :)

  5. Thank to you everyone who's left me messages! They make me happy :)


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