Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Little Home, Part 5

So you've seen my bedroom, bathroom, and office.  I was going to do the living room today, but instead am doing both the living room and dining room/kitchen.  I have to put them as two separate posts because I'm writing them at two different times and...well, I decided to get my house pictures done today :)  When you walk into my front (side actually) door you are standing right in the middle of the largest front room with the kitchen on your left and living room on your right.  The tree is right ahead of you, but this picture gives you an idea of the layout.

Shocking that I have a white glittery tree right.  It's a little sparse this year, but don't worry.  I went the day after Christmas to Walmart and bought half-priced ornaments to make sure it's dripping with bulbs next year.   The cabinet on the left is extra kitchen storage.  I didn't take a picture of all my cabinets because, well, they aren't that great to look at.

This is how things look standing in the kitchen. You get to see the jewelry tree that I made one year as my Christmas craft (this year was a felt tree skirt covered in sequins and last year was a wreath) and a hideously wonderful poinsettia painting.  Both are hung next to my giant paintbrush which gets shifted around at random.   The first close up of the cabinet..

I filled up my first aid box with vinage bulbs and set up another collection of Christmas trees.  I think I had 4 out this year.  They are really stiff bottle brush trees and I LOVE them.  I especially like the colors of these.  You also see a picture from a couple Christmases ago when Mag got a faboo deer bust.  We were rubbing noses with him.  I'm pretty sure he liked it.    Then, of course, Aubrie Grace, all set for a good cooking session in Annie's kitchen.

Oh, I take it back, 5 sets of trees.  These pictures are of Nolan, my nephew, Me and Grandpa Howard, Me and Annie.  (By the way Annie, thanks so much again for using the name Everett.  You could have had a Howard Reid and it would be cute.  I can't name a baby Howard Ballard.  You bastard.)  I adore these little foil trees.  The best part is that even though they are a little fragile, you can easily bend them back into shape so there's no real concern with packing them up each year.  Also, more books!   The little wire basket is nice for hauling them around though.  I have another wire basket just like it in my bathroom.  One weird thing you should know about me....I HATE toilet paper holders.  Just hate refilling, it's a pain.  So both Maggie and I say no to them.  Instead, mine stays all piled up in a cute wire basket.

I really love this table cloth.  It was my grandmas and is so funky and ugly.  It is super long and wide, but because it's always folded has those funny white crease lines fabrics get over the years and it therefore stays folded.  In the middle is a ridiculous candle stick holder that's a combo of garland, metal leaves, ornaments, and pine cones.  All are sprayed white, and all are covered in glitter.  Bet you could've guessed that.  It all sets on top of a green and yellow table that has just the perfect amount of chippy old paint.  Around it are two barrel chairs, which are shockingly comfortable, especially with a pillow in the seat.

This is the only decent looking counter space I have.  Yet another collection of bottle brush trees.  This time gold and sparkly.  You may have noticed that I have quite a few lamps.  Mom ruined me.  I'm not much for overhead lighting.  I prefer task lighting, even when it's on top of my microwave.  There's also the much loved picture of the last supper.  It's too cool.

This is a picture of my most prized Christmas posession.  A vintage Santa face that lights up.  His eyes border on creepy but I still love him!

So that's my house.  What little there is of it.  Hope you all enjoyed it.  I will post new pictures of the replacement dresser and other things soon!

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  1. your little space is so fun and inviting!! I love your giant paintbrush!!


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