Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Little Home, Part 4

This is a grand shot of the living room.  If you were looking into the room like this, you would be standing in kitchen.  The little metal table beside the recliner I've recently replaced, but didn't feel like taking new pictures since my Christmas stuff is down now.  This gives you an idea of the lay out.

After I graduate from SIU I finally got a new couch and chair, which I still think are great.  The recliner sits beside this great vintage cabinet that I got for $50.  On top are a spotlight from a flea market, my glitter reindeer (oh how I heart that reindeer) and one of my many sets of trees.  Close up..
Now you get to see just a few of my books, and my glitter JESUS!!!  The bottom two shelves hold my first paint palette, a few art books and giant chess piece.  Random art/sculpture is of my favorite.  I have a collection of sculpted noses too.  Great stuff!

This is a shot of the beautiful little table my Mom got me off of one of her friends.  I adore the chippy green two-tone paint and the stamped tin front.  I don't think I will ever get tired of this little table.  Underneath it is a basket that stores books and magazines and is generally packed full.  The painting is by me... Maggie makes fun of the blue chair, for obvious reasons, but I've never gotten around to changing its profile with black paint.  It makes me happy, regardless.  I also love my silver winter pillows and the multicolored, wool, patchwork quilt I got at Third Sunday Market in Bloomington that act as their backdrop.

The next two pics are ugly.  The first is our giant TV.  Did I ever mention that Zac is a home theater installer?  Oh, and his addiction is movies.  It's absurd I know.  He was really annoyed that I put decorations on his stand.  He kept moving the nativity like it was blocking the surround sound.  He's ridiculous.  I know the decor is a little random, but I love that the Santa and the Snowman are center stage in the room.  They are faboo!  All scratched and pale from all their years on glistening snow. They make my heart smile.

The last picture is of my two small scale chairs.  Both were picked up at thrift stores.  The white one is from Catholic Charities, the green was originally peach.  Each cost me $35, and then the cost of fabric for recovering.  I know I've mentioned that I like clean lines and little legs and that's what makes these two chairs perfect!

This is the inside of the cabinet.  Of course, there are more books, travel and design.  I also dig my glassware.  I like that a glass lamp provides plenty of task lighting without any visual bulk.  The glass head is filled with vintage ornaments.

So that's the living room.  I will show the tree and the kitchen soon. There were just too many pictures to put it all on together!


  1. that picture truly is inappropriate. watch out blue penis.

  2. I pictured your livingroom to be much smaller than it is, it's actually HUGE compared to mine (yay you!!)
    Your home is wonderful, thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thanks Kati! Glad you like the pictures of my little home...well, mobile home :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I live in a mobile home too (I deleted my last comment because my keyboard failed to type the "E" in mobile, LOL.)
    I love your style!!!


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