Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Little Home, Part 2

As you may have guessed...trailers are no the biggest, most spacious homes in the world.  They are generally for efficiency and not really they eye candy I hope for my home to be.  None the less...I love my little bedroom.  There is literally just enough room for the bed, a couple small tables and the dresser.  I love my bedding.  I picked it out at World Market and my aunt bought it for me as a wedding present.  I love the colors, orange, red, blues and brown.  I could paint my walls so many colors....if it weren't a trailer that we will eventually have to rent to someone else.  I also dig my vintage side table.  the one on the right just rocks my socks off.  There's plenty of space for all my books and easy access to them all the time.  The one on the left, I bought off of a stranger in St. Louis.  

This is a close up of the table on the left.  It has peely layers and underneath the top you can see someone's scrawly handwriting.  Its not peeled back enough to see what they were writing, but I love that kind of used, worn feeling I get from knowing that someone else owned this once.  That it had a story before it became mine.  I think that is really why I love thrift shops, Catholic Charities, junk stores and flea markets.  You just know you are gonna find something loved, but outgrown.

This is a view of the west side of the bedroom.  I did finally put up some wedding pictures....6 months later.  I love the one that I got printed.  My sisters and I are lucky that our county has really pretty, fancy wedding certificates, so that's what you see framed along with the pictures.  Some day I will post pictures of my wedding... in a one room chapel, in the country, surrounded by trees.  It was beautiful...but anyway, that's for a different post.  You also get to see a piece of abstract art.  For me, that picture has no soul.  I painted it to match the colors of some old bedding I have.  People seem to like it though, so I guess that's why I haven't changed it.  (It was supposed to be the 4 grandpa's with funny long necks for Maggie, but instead, abstract circles...sorry Gig)

The one thing that makes me love my little trailer bedroom is the closets.   That's right, plural, closetS!  Zac and I each get one.  There is a sort of funny little cubby in between.  Just wide enough to fit a storage ottoman that desperately need recovered and is therefore hidden by a throw (another must when you live in a drafty trailer).  Above that is my jewelry box, which has recently been turned into storage for my nail polishes as Zac bought me a fantastic new one for christmas.  Beside that is my jewelry tree, the monogramed candle I bought for my wedding ceremony and a mirror that will soon be replaced with, well, probably a different mirror I like better.

We Fox girls are nothing if not creative and that's how my jewelry tree was born.  Below is a close up.  This used to be a tree-topper and I bought it on sale at Walmart for $7.  I cut a chunk of wood, spray painted it, depressed the coiled spring thing that formed the base of the topper and screwed it flat to the wood.  The wood made it heavy so it stopped falling over and voila!

Last but not least, well probably least, is my dresser.  I hate it, and it is soon to be replaced by a piece of furniture I'm in the process of refinishing.  Its just not me.  I like vintage, mid-century modern.  Furniture with clean lines up on funny little legs, not this brown boxy thing.  Anyway, there are a couple more pictures from the wedding and a hideous old tv because Zac insists he can't fall asleep without the noise. (Which, by the way, is complete BS.  If Zac gets anywhere close to horizontal, regardless of he time of day, he's got max 5 minutes before he's snoring like the big man that he is.)
That's my little bedroom, in a very tan colored nutshell.  Tomorrow, I'm thinking bathroom, then we will get into the good stuff....the living room complete with my Christmas decorations.  I've taken them down already, but still love their look!

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