Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Little Home, Part 3

After Zac and I moved into the trailer park I realized how awesome it would be to have a big bathroom.  As of yet, we've had no such luck.  When we moved from #47 to #18, we really down graded in the bathroom department.  Our last place had been destroyed by the renter to the point where we literally had to rip out everything.  It was a pain for sure, but I did get a new tub and surround, new wood laminate floors, new vanity and sink and a new toilet (complete with a new toilet seat.  Necessary as the last woman to live there stole not only the appliances, but the light bulbs and toilet seat as well.)  This is a picture from the hallway.  

We've repainted the bad old cabinets which really does clean them up.  The countertop are still very yellow, but the sinks are new and there are TWO!  I don't know if Zac and I will ever be able to go back to just one.  It's so much more convenient.  Zac would always get pissy when I crowded him in the bathroom trying to brush our teeth at the same time :)

This is Zac's sink.  (Unfortunately the picture is close enough that you can see where I need to touch up the cabinet paint.)  He likes mouthwash so I always keep it stocked in the vintage decanter labeled scotch on a little gold plate on the front.  I figure its fitting considering all the alcohol in mouthwash.  I also love my two hands.  I've had the peach glass hand for years and years.  I think Mom gave it to me in junior high.  Perhaps having a place for my rings is what fed my passion for them.....anyway.  The porcelain hand is actually a glove form.  It says Latex, XL on the bottom in blue print.  I dig it.  The only problem is that the fingers are too large so my rings just teeter precariously on the tips, threatening always to bounce down the sink. (ps...i just realized when I viewed my blog that you can't really even see the hands unless you click on the picture to make it big.  I guess making the picture large wasn't the best option.  thanks blogger.)

This cabinet around the toilet provides lots of storage for me.  It's better than underneath the sink, which has absolutely no shelves.  I like for a house to be clean and organized, but also lived in.  I don't mind having out the things I use everyday.  For that reason, I display my pretty perfume bottles and think that my makeup brushes in a glittery votive holder are kind of glamorous.  I also keep my soap unwrapped and in a glass jar.  I usually keep a few different types of  Dove (which I love) and Zac's favorite, pull every drop of natural oils and moisture off your skin soap, Irish Spring.  I always hated when I would get in the shower and realize I was out of soap, so this solution keeps me squeaky clean without having to get out of a warm shower and leave drippy footprints across the floor.  I also love my shower curtain.  I got it at Old World Pottery for $8.  It's a cute pattern and full of wonderful color.

Now these beauties are oil paintings I picked up at a flea market.  One cost $11 and the other $6.  I couldn't believe it, frames and all! I love their saturated colors and the contrast of the all gold with the almost all blue.  Can't get enough of that serious expression on that little girls face, or her brother's socks.  I also like that they are unexpected in a bathroom.  In my previous homes they've lived in the dining room.  I thought they were fun and was a play on the idea of a "formal" dining room in a one bedroom apartment.

That's all for today. Tomorrow, the living room, complete with an all glitter Santa, reindeer, AND nativity!


  1. the painting of the boy and girl makes me think of the Pevensie's in the Chronicles of Narnia-- Love it!


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