Friday, July 6, 2012

Book exchange!

About a week ago I asked my friends via Facebook if any of them would like to be involved in a book exchange.  I had gotten a letter in the mail from my friend Marcy inviting me.  

Basically, you send a book to the child listed as #1, put your kiddo at #2, and pass along to 6 friends. 
We've all see those emails/letters and ignored them, but this one I wanted to participate in.   Mostly, cause I love books!  Love them.  And I desperately hope that little Cliffy will be a reader.  I honestly think it is the best ways to grow a smart babe!  Read to them, and encourage them to read.   

Today I was super pumped to go to the mailbox and find that the "chain letter" scheme had worked and Cliff has officially gotten his first piece of mail! 

If everything goes as planned, this will be the first of 35 books that Clifford will get.  I really hope everyone follows through, but even if they don't, it was still totally worth the effort!  

Happy reading baby Ballard!  You WILL be the little guy kickin' literary ass later in life!

P.S.  If any of you readers are interested, I am still looking for 1 more mom/dad to do this for their little bean.  Just email me your address ( and I'll send you the letter!

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