Saturday, July 28, 2012

Second language

I don't know if I have mentioned it, but back in the day, I worked in a lab.  
The lab was a molecular physiology lab at SIU.  I spent my time pipetting tiny amounts of all kinds of things for a couple of the medical school professors.  I did a lot of lab prep and some research for them as well.  

We grew cell lines and studied breast cancer. 
We studied gene regulation/expression.
I really liked it, but in the end decided a PhD was not for me.  
I worked with all sorts of people at the lab.  Mike and Jodi were the professors and the brains behind the operation.  Phil was a full-time researcher working on his own theories as he earned his PhD.  Ramya was a PhD candidate from India.   And there were plenty of us that worked in the lab while we were finishing up our undergrad.  

One of my favorite co-workers was a Japanese girl named Takumi.  
She was so sweet and quite funny.  Sometimes it was unintentional because of cultural differences.  
When I ran across this picture the other day I laughed out loud.   

That is a tub of diluted bleach solution. 
Damn you English.


  1. haha now that's hirarious... I don't care who you are.

  2. PS your about me is a bit dated.

    1. you're dated...I mean. I will update it.

  3. oops signed love me, the blog police.

  4. I laughed outloud...we had a Japanese exchange student for a year and have visited with her several times as an adult...often much comic relief.

  5. Oh Man! I found my hand wliting on the web! I'm a famous gal now. "Breach" is the actual word.... Good to know.... Something was telling me that you are so close to meet your baby, so I stopped by here. I sensed new babies coming out to the world twice this year, and I was really good at it (+/- 7 hours of delivery). I saw the title, second language, so I had to read it! So, baby yet? So excited for you, your family and friends!

  6. Ha that is too funny Takumi found you. Hope your baby isn't breach bahaha I know it is breech and not bleach or breach.


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