Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paintings for Cliff Stu

I have been painting and painting lately, and waiting to get some time to paint my own pictures.  
I've had the canvas for Clifford's nursery prepped for weeks.  
Two days ago I got the first canvas done.  I hated it.  I promptly painted over it.  
I decided to go a different way and I'm so glad I did!

I picked out a fabric from his quilt and decided to paint him a room with many bugs and critters. 

They turned out great! 

I picked the snail

and the caterpillar.

I let Zac pick the third.  
He said lightening bugs and I think it was a great decision.

They made it up on to his wall a couple days ago.  
His walls are a kinda minty green this shade I'd say...maybe a hair lighter. 
Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint 2 Ounces-Mint Julep Green at
Not at all the color they look in this picture.  
For some reason the color is really off.  

I swear, they look crooked as heck, but they aren't.  

  After my shower next weekend, I hope to have his nursery all done and will post up pictures of his room.  It is really coming along!


  1. love them. I need n of reta and stella

  2. I have a grandson who would absolutely LOVE the bug theme! I've never seen a child so curious about bugs! What a great - no, GREAT idea. Can't wait to see the whole sha-bang.

  3. Oh, Abbie! Those are amazing! LOVE them. You are talented on so many levels...I was blown away just by his quilt but your creativity knows no limits :)


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