Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A mustache bash!

On Saturday the sisters threw my baby shower.  When they were trying to decide a theme, pinterest provided inspiration for a shower that was suited for a little gentleman.  And what do we all know the manliest of men rock.....a mustache!
And so it was decided, a mustache bash was officially put on the books for baby Clifford Stuart.  
Or, the super tough version, baby Cliff Stu. 

The decorations were adorable.  Thankfully we have a mom that has everything you could ever need for any situation imaginable.  There are no plastic table clothes here ladies, we used manly blankets.

The centerpieces turned out great too.  Mustaches for every guest, and the game we played was "name that famous mustache."  

Don't be sad if you weren't there.....play along now!

#1.  Borat...aka Sasha Baron Cohen

#2 Kylie Daniel...I mean, Mario

#3. Ron Swanson

#4.  Burt Reynolds

#5.  Snidley Whiplash

#6.  Charlie Chaplin

#7.  Salvador Dali

#8.  Geraldo Rivera

9.  Tom Selleck

#10.  Hulk Hogan

How many did you get right?  And did you for a second think Charlie Chaplin was Hitler?  I know ya thought it.  You goof.

Speaking of goof, you don't come to a stache bash to be serious.  The guests were all expected to get a little manly.  They obliged. 

I LOVE baby Evelyn's stache!  Too funny!

Penelope played along too, while trying out some of Cliff's stuff...like his stroller, and his blankets.
(could she be prettier?)

The sisters and I took an opportunity to rocked the look.....well, except for Maggie.  

Luckily, retakes were allowed...but that only gave me time to fail....

We did take a minute to get together all us girls for a family picture.

And the occasional close-up of sweet Ollie.

After all the tom-foolery we got down to the business of opening presents.  Tons and tons of presents! 

I honestly can't believe how many gifts Cliff and I received.  
I was overwhelmed.  
I was humbled by how generous my family and friends are.  
I tried to say thank you....but instead I just stood in front of everyone and cried at them.  
My hormones failed me.  

Maggie came to my house after the shower and helped me organize.  (I somehow have managed to have no pictures of my opened gifts whatsoever...but I will post some.)
Zac helped me put together Clifford's rocking chair...then he got out the monitor (we got a fantastic video monitor) and spent 20 minutes zooming in and out and showing me how it looked like the videography from the movie Paranormal Activity.  

It was a great day.  I could not ask for more.  Really.  I am spoiled.
But I am also so prepared for Ford now.
The OCD control freak in me is loving it!.....And also drove me to do all Cliff's laundry, sanitize my whole breast pump kit and pacifiers, organize all of his clothes by months, prematurely pack his diaper bag, and start my thank yous before I would let myself kick it for the rest of the evening.  It is a blessing and a curse I tell ya.
  On the up and up, the thank you cards I made turned out well.  Most guests are getting a mustache card that says either "mustache gracias," "mighty kind of ya," or "much obliged."

Gotta keep it manly, and classy, over here :)

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  1. I just have to say it is Geraldo Rivera not Alec Trebec. You joofs or goofs. Haha xoxo
    P.S. I loved that you cry. Hormones raging or dying do that. I can attest to the fact.


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