Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fancy girls

Back in June I got a request from a girl I went to high school with.  She has just moved into a new condo and was looking for the perfect thing to showcase her personality and "claim" the space.
I got a terribly nice email from her, in which she said she didn't realize I was so "talented."  God love her for  calling it talent :)

She sent me pictures of her two fur babies.  
Talulah and Georgia.  

She wrote me a little description of each, which cracked me up. 

"Georgia is 100% just like me.  Extremely type A if a dog can be…Talulah is a rag doll 99% of the time and resembles a little gremlin." 

She had a few other first pink background (which I was thrilled about...I think it makes them fancier and I like that) along with some simple things like bows and collars.  

I took my sweet time, but this is how it turned out in the end.


I did go back and add in eyelashes. Apparently Talulah's are super long. You can't seem them in the pictures, but this girl has lashes and she rockes em!

See...I am a bit jealous of them!


This is Georgia 


I love her wonky ear.   

For some reason, Georgia was so hard for me to get right!  I painted her 3 times.  Thank goodness the background was easy to repaint!  But, I just can't have someone pay me for something I think is not good...and turns out, third time is the charm!

I sent Ashley pictures to get her OK, before I wrapped it and shipped it.  Again, always the fretter, I hovered over my email until I got her response.  Thankfully, she was very gracious in her reply.

"Love it love it love it!  You just made my afternoon!  I feel crappy and it is raining here..lovely Monday, but that definitely put a smile on my face!...You.are.awesome.  This is going to be the perfect addition to my new condo!  I will send you a pic of the girls by it when it comes.  And how on earth could I not love it! It is EXACTLY what I pictured!  Love the pink!!"

I am thrilled!  There is nothing better than when a piece turns out the way your client expects.  I can only hope that everyone I paint for loves their pets and their paintings the way Ashley does.  I am sure it will be fab in her new place!  And, in my opinion, every girl deserves a pink painting!

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